Intern with OEA

As a study abroad alumnus, you may be looking to translate your unique perspective into new professional opportunities. An internship in the Office of Education Abroad can be a great way to utilize your international experience while adjusting to life back in the US. You will get the chance to work in a professional setting doing valuable work while building your resume. Although internships are unpaid, students have been able to get academic credit in the past from their academic department.

Internships are treated as a professional job and generally have a time commitment of 10-12 hours a week, during office hours (8am – 5pm) with occasional evening or weekend work. Unlike peer advising roles, internships involve a serious time commitment and the ability to function well in the office environment as part of a team. It is the perfect way to receive valuable professional work experience, which is a great asset to your resume, in a fun and exciting working environment.

Any student can apply, however, there is a strong need for the following positions:

  • Graphic Design/Website Development Intern - This position will assist the office with developing new website content and monitoring the current content through the website. Computer programming or experience is not required, as the OEA staff will train this individual on the platforms within the office. (If you are techy, these platforms include TDS and Drupal as well as free online platforms like Canva). This position will require someone who has an eye for aethetics as the person will assist OEA with designing and improving marketing materials for study abroad programming as well as aid in branding the office. Familiarity with graphic design software not required, OEA is able to use any platform from word and publisher to adobe and photoshop. 
  • Special Projects Intern - assisting OEA with projects throughout the academic year. Students may customize their internship experience based on what they would like to be exposed to in the field of International Education. It is a great way to get an overall feel of work in an office setting. Students may also propose ideas they may have to help the mission of OEA. The special projects intern may work closely with the faculty-led team, on special projects as directed by the office or director. In the Spring semester, the Special Projects Intern will work closely with the Assistant Director on the Study Abroad Photo Contest and Exhibit. 
  • Outreach Intern - This position will work closely with the Office of Education Abroad to promote study abroad to the campus community and encourage more students to study abroad. This position will send the bi-weekly newsletter to students interested in study abroad, monitor OEA social media platforms as well as create content to generate more virtual interaction with OEA. This position will participate in presentations and events with OEA staff both in and out of the classroom as availalbe  through assisting and participating with OEA on events around campus sponsored by OEA or other campus offices. This intern will also provide support to the Alumni Relations Intern.
  • Alumni Relations Intern - This position will managing all of the alumni events and programming for the Office of Education Abroad. As the Alumni Relations Intern, the position will manage the Peer Advisor program including: recruitment, building the peer event calendar, monitoring participation and issuing reminders, conducting monthly meetings, providing information and encouragement to peer advisors via newsletters, and tracking events around campus. This position will also send our bi-monthly alumni newsletter, monitor and manage the OEA LinkedIn Alumni Page, as well as manage the volunteer hours for scholarship recipients. 

If you are interested in interning with the Office of Education Abroad this fall, please email Beth Lorenz with the following information by Thursday, August 24:

  • Current resume
  • Expected schedule of availability for this semester
  • A brief description about what type of experiences you are looking for or what skills you are looking to gain from the internship