Creating a Program Proposal

The Office of Education Abroad utilizes a database called Terra Dotta Systems ("TDS") to manage the study abroad program proposal, development, and management process. When you are ready to begin your program proposal all materials will be submitted through this online system. The OEA will offer workshops to assist faculty in navigating the system leading up to the proposal deadlines. We have also provided some guidance in the following webpages and are happy to meet with you individually for assistance. 

The program proposal and development process is divided into three stages: proposal phase, development phase, and implementation phase. We welcome program proposals from all disciplines. Sites and program details are finalized in consultation with the Office of Education Abroad. To propose a program, complete and submit a proposal via our portal per the instructions provided.

Proposal Phase

The proposal phase refers to putting together the program components and submitting your materials to the OEA through the online application system. Materials you will need to submit include:

  • Program Information and Description
  • Course and Academics Information
  • Faculty Director Information (yours plus any addition program leaders)
  • Program Provider information (if using a provider – not required)
  • Program safety and security information
  • Program Budget
  • Program Itinerary
  • Program Health and Safety Considerations

We will also provide to you some helpful resources including:

  • Developing a program budget
  • Designing a program itinerary
  • Resources for Program Development

Development Phase

The development phase comes after your proposal has been received and approved. You will begin to work with the OEA on finalizing the program details, providing information, and reviewing resources to begin planning and recruiting for your program.

  • Reviewing Student Applications in Terra Dotta
  • Tips for Recruiting and Marketing Your Program
  • Resources for Students (LGBTQ, Students with Disabilities, Financial Need, etc.)
  • Timeline for Enrollments
  • Health and Safety Resources
  • Workshops for Faculty Directors

Implementation Phase

Once the application deadline has passed and your program has reached its minimum enrollment number it is time to implement! You will be moved into a new stage of the process, and a new page in our system. This stage is called “Faculty Director Requirements” and is designed to assist you in preparing to lead your program overseas.

  • Program Confirmation and Next Steps
  • Submit Materials (passport information, flight itinerary, emergency contact information)
  • Attend Required Workshops
  • Director’s Agreement
  • Faculty Director Handbook
  • Travel Advances
  • Health and Safety
    • Insurance Information
  • Student Orientation Information
  • Export Control

Steps to Beginning a Program Proposal

  1. Navigate to the program proposal page (new or existing) via the buttons provided.
  2. Click the "Apply Now" button on the proposal brochure page. 
  3. Select the Term that is most applicable for your program. The pages that follow will provide instructions on how to complete your proposal. 
  4. The system will ask you to complete an itinerary with dates and location
    1. If your destination does not appear in the provided list, please select the closest available city. You will be able to provide a specific itinerary once in the portal. 
    2. Approximate dates are ok at this stage. The OEA will update them once you have submitted an itinerary. 
    3. Click "Add to itinerary"
  5. Click "Apply"
  6. You will then be taken to your application home page and can begin completing tasks. 

To return to your application at a later time please go to and utilize the login button in the top right corner of the page.

Choose from one of the buttons to begin your program proposal