Quick Facts about Study Abroad

We know that study abroad can be a complex process, so here are some basic facts about study abroad at UNC Charlotte for your reference: 

Graduation & Academic Credit:

  • Students cannot graduate the same semester they study abroad unless:
    • They participate in a faculty-led program
  • Study abroad will not push a student's graduation date as long as they work with their Academic Department prior to departure to arrange the credit they will receive for courses abroad. However, courses abroad are never guaranteed. Just like at UNC Charlotte, courses may only be offered certain semesters or courses may fill up at time of registration
  • Students are expected to maintain the equivalent of full-time status at UNC Charlotte while abroad
  • Students will receive credit for each class they take abroad, even if:
    • The course does not pertain to the student's major or minor requirements
    • The student fails the course abroad
  • Students will earn A-F letter grades for each course they take abroad, regardless of the grading system abroad. Pass/Fail credit is not awarded unless special permission is given to the student by their Academic Department

Applicant Criteria:

  • Students are required to have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 at time of application for Spring Break and Summer programs (some programs may have higher GPA requirements)
  • Students are required to have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 at time of application for Fall/Academic Year/Calendar year programs (some programs may have higher GPA requirements)
  • Students are required to be in good disciplinary standing at time of application and prior to departure

Length of Program:

  • Students can study abroad for a Spring Break (10 days), Summer (varies 1-7 weeks), Fall, Spring, Academic Year or Calendar Year
  • Undergraduates are able to study abroad a total of 3 semesters prior to graduation

Money Matters:

  • Students are eligible to utilize their full financial aid award package when participating in an accredited study abroad program for academic credit
  • There are tons of scholarships available for all types of students!

General Facts:

  • Students are eligible to study abroad in any country, as long as there is not a U.S. Department of State advisory in that location
  • The first time an undergraduate student can study abroad is the summer after their freshman year (or after 2 fulltime semesters at UNC Charlotte)
  • Transfer students have to first establish a GPA at UNC Charlotte before they are eligible to apply for a study abroad program
  • Study abroad benefits are endless!