Am I eligible for financial aid which can be used to study abroad?

Any student who is eligible to fill out the FAFSA may qualify for aid in the form of grants and/or loans.

Are there scholarships available?

YES! You can apply for scholarships offered by the Office of Education Abroad as well as other departments and organizations on and off campus.

Can I graduate the same semester I study abroad?

NO! Seniors are eligible to study abroad however, you cannot study abroad in the same semester you are scheduled to graduate. UNLESS you are participating in a faculty-led program the same semester you graduate. Contact OEA to determine whether or not this option is applicable for you.

Can I use my financial aid?

YES! Any financial aid that you already receive as a student at UNC Charlotte will be awarded to you and can be used for studying abroad. Please meet with your financial aid advisor to discuss other options and methods of payment.

Do I have to speak a foreign language?

No! Many non-English speaking countries offer classes in English.

Does Financial Aid pay the study abroad institution directly?

No, it is the student’s responsibility to use the funds they receive from their financial aid to make the necessary payment to the institution.

How do I choose a program?

Based on academics, budget, career goals and personal interests, choose a program that is right for you in all these areas. A Study Abroad advisor along with your academic advisor can help you find programs and assist you in the application process.

How do I get around?

Most countries offer a variety of public transportation. You can find more information about transportation in specific countries at www.travel.state.gov .

How do I get my course approved?

ALL courses you take abroad must be approved and have a UNC Charlotte equivalency assigned to each course. This is done by completing an Advising Agreement which is part of the study abroad application.

Is it true that toilets flush in the opposite direction in Australia?

Actually, yes! In the United States flushing produces a clockwise swirl, whereas Australia's toilets flush counterclockwise a phenomenon said to be drive n by the contrasting effects of the earth's rotation upon the Northern vs. the Southern hemispheres.

Is there a meal plan?

A meal plan, while very common in the United States, is typically not an option abroad. Students buy groceries and cook, or eat at the on campus cafeterias and local cafés.

What are the steps to studying abroad?

What happens if I need to go to the doctor?

All students who study abroad are required to have international health insurance supplied by the UNC System. You will be fully insured while abroad in the case you need to go to the doctor.

What if I leave the study abroad program early?

If you fail to complete the study abroad program you may be responsible for repayment of a portion of the aid received for that semester.

What is housing like?

This depends on your program but generally you have a choice between homestay, apartment, or student housing on campus.

When can I go abroad?

Freshmen at UNC Charlotte are eligible to study abroad in the first summer after their first year pending good academic and disciplinary standing and a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Transfer students who meet requirements are eligible to study abroad once they have completed one full semester at UNC Charlotte.

When will I receive my Financial Aid money?

Your financial aid will be disbursed as it normally would during the year along with all other students at UNC Charlotte.

When will my study abroad grades be processed?

This depends on the type of study abroad program you participated in.

  • Exchange and affiliate students: it takes anywhere from 2 - 6 months upon completion of your program for the OEA to receive your transcript from abroad.
    • Once we receive your transcript, it takes up to 4 weeks for us to process and send your grades to registrar. 
  • Faculty-led summer studentsafter we receive grades from your faculty director, it takes up to 4 weeks for us to process and send your grades to the registrar. 

Please note that once the OEA has sent grades to the Office of the Registrar, we cannot determine when they will appear on your transcript.

For more information on study abroad grade processing, please visit our "Grades and Transcripts" page.

Where can I study abroad?

Nearly anywhere! Almost every country in the world has institutions of higher learning and you are not limited to only those countries with which we have an agreement. See the Office of Education Abroad for details! (Note: We are not allowed to send students to countries that are currently issued Travel Warning. These are also found at www.travel.state.gov.

Which classes do I take abroad?

The classes you will be eligible to take are based upon which classes are offered at the host institution. Classes can be used to fill graduation, major, minor and general education requirements. For this, you should work closely with your academic advisor and schedule a meeting with him or her.

Will Financial Aid pay for my flight?

Financial aid can be used to pay for your flight but will not be disbursed early for this expense.

Will I receive extra Financial Aid while attending study abroad?


Students receiving financial aid should expect to receive the same amount of aid as they did the previous semester. Speak with your financial counselor to see if you have any loan eligibility available and discuss any alternatives in securing additional funding.

Will my classes count?

YES! Your grades will transfer as whole letter grades A-F, be put on your transcript AND calculated into your GPA!

Will someone pick me up from the airport?

In most cases, programs provide transportation from the airport to your destination unless you waive this service. This service is program specific so you'll need to inquire!