Steps to Studying Abroad

Timeframe: One year before the semester you want to go abroad

  • Watch a Study Abroad 101 webinar
  • Create a study abroad account and fill out an Advising Questionnaire.
  • Chat with our Peer Advisors
  • Research programs. There are over 1,000 program offerings through exchangefaculty-led, and affiliate providers. Use the information you learn in Study Abroad 101 and resources on OEA's website to help you sort through all the programs. Make a list of questions you have that you want to ask an Education Abroad Advisor. Once you have done thorough research and have a good idea of what you want to do, then you can move to the next step.
  • Research Financial Aid and Scholarship resources

Timeframe: Beginning of the semester before you go abroad

  • Begin the application process based on your program type
  • Financial planning for your study abroad program. You will need to determine the total estimated cost of your program and consider your financial resources, which may include things such as financial aid, scholarships, parental support, savings, etc. You will then want to compare your total estimated resources to the total estimated cost of the program. This will allow you to plan accordingly and to determine if you need to apply for additional financial aid (if applicable), apply for additional scholarships, or seek additional funding opportunities outside of UNC Charlotte.
  • Complete your OEA application as soon as possible and by the deadline outlined
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor(s) to discuss your study abroad plans, determine which UNC Charlotte courses you need to take to complete your major (Academic Advisors cannot determine UNC Charlotte equivalencies for the courses you're looking to take abroad, please see below)

Timeframe: End of the semester before you go abroad

  • Once you're approved to go abroad, there will be post-approval requirements you'll need to complete prior to the mandatory pre-departure orientation. These requirements may include things like submitting your passport information and flight itinerary.
  • Work with your academic departments (Department Chair) to know what credit you will receive for the work you do abroad. OEA does not determine academic credit from abroad
  • Attend the mandatory pre-departure orientation This is required for all students who are approved to go abroad. Learn more about academics, health & safety, packing & traveling, and other important topics that will assist you as you prepare for your trip. You'll also have a chance to hear from a panel of Study Abroad Alumni who will be able to give you great advice about how to prepare for your upcoming experience.

Timeframe: For as long as you're abroad!

  • Keep an open mind
  • Experience new things
  • Blog & take photos!
  • Log your personal travel trips in your study abroad application

Timeframe: When you return to the U.S. up until you graduate from UNC Charlotte

  • Ensure you have approval for all courses you took abroad
  • Attend the Study Abroad Career Workshop (takes place 2nd week of the fall and spring semester)
  • Submit an order for a graduation sash


Julia Badorrek, Photo Contest Winner 2014 | Norway