The Office of Education Abroad (OEA) at UNC Charlotte is excited that you have made the decision to study abroad! You are about to embark on an incredible adventure and we're here to help. You will want to first check out the Steps to Study Abroad before you dive into the program search. OEA always recommends (and in most cases, it's required) that students attend a Study Abroad 101 webinar to learn more about the overall study abroad process, how to search for programs and next steps.

Program Components

Each program type is structured differently in terms of the application process, cost, and experience. With some programs, you will have a UNC Charlotte faculty member with you for the entire duration of the program. In others, you could be the only UNC Charlotte student (among many other American and international students) on the program! Some programs offer many accommodations (e.g. housing is already arranged for you, airport pick up is available, cultural activities and excursions are planned for you). Other programs may required you to be a bit more indendent and set up these details on your own. It may be important for you to first reflect on what type of program you are looking for. Then, using the tabs on the left, research the different program types to determine which may be a best fit for you.

  • Academics - What types of courses are you looking to take? Do you want to be taking courses abroad with other UNC Charlotte students? Locals? 
  • Length - Are you looking for a short-term (spring break or summer) opportunity? Or a long-term (fall, spring or year) study abroad program?
  • Housing - Would you like to live with a local family (homestay), in a dorm or an apartment?
  • Excursions - Are you looking for a program that already has travel arranged for you (e.g. day or weekend trips to nearby cities or countries)? 
  • Experience - Would you prefer a program that has all of the details already arranged for you? Are you looking for a program that allows you to be more independent or dependent?

What Types of Programs Are There?

Program types include:

To learn more about each program type and to search program offerings, use the links above or on the left hand side. If you are unfamiliar with the differences between these program categories and would like to know more, be sure to watch a Study Abroad 101 webinar. Remember - attending a webinar will also be the first step before you are eligible to meet with a study abroad advisor.

I Understand the Program Types.. Now What?

Within each program type, you will have many different program options based on factors such as location, courses offered, university, and time frame. It will be your job to research all of the different programs within each category and decide which one is best for you. In order to do this and after spending some time researching your options, you will also want to make an appointment with a study abroad advisor. The advisor will then be able to further explain more information regarding the program, the application process, and provide you with more resources to help you make the best decision for you.*

How do I apply?

All UNC Charlotte students will apply to the Office of Education Abroad for approval to go abroad regardless of the program type. The application and deadlines will vary greatly dependent upon which program type you have chosen. Check out our overview of the application process or scroll to the bottom of each program type page to learn more. You can allways contact OEA for more information on how to begin.


Can I apply for more than one program?

  • UNC Charlotte Exchange - Students will apply to their first choice host university and are able to identify a back up university (from the list of UNC Charlotte exchange partners) in their application
  • Statewide Exchange (BW/NC only) - Students will apply to their first choice host university and are able to identify a back up university (from the list of BW/NC host universities) in their application
  • ISEP Exchange - Students will apply to their first choice host university and are able to identify up to 9 additional back up universities (from the list of ISEP exchange partners) in their application in priority order
  • Affiliate Provider - Students are only eligible to apply to one affiliate provider program for the term they are going abroad. This is also for the students benefit as all affiliate providers charge application fees that are a few hundred dollars
  • Faculty-Led (Spring Break or Summer) - Students can apply to up to 3 faculty-led programs (Spring Break or Summer) for that term

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*Note that students looking to participate in an program other than short-term faculty-led programs are required to meet one-on-one with an advisor in OEA prior to receiving access to an application