Affiliate Programs

Overview of Affiliate Provider Programs

Affiliate providers are organizations that faciliate a student's program abroad. The provider will either have a relationship with a university in another country where the student will study and the provider acts as the liaison to help the student enroll in the program, register for courses, adapt to the culture, etc. In some cases, the provider may have an international teaching center abroad where the students will be taking courses taught by faculty members from all over the world.


Approved Affiliate Providers

In order to provide academically sound programs at affordable costs, the Office of Education Abroad has created a list of approved providers. Students are limited to choosing programs from approved providers, but not to worry, there are over 500 affiliate programs in total!

Benefits of Affiliate Provider Programs

Variety - With over 10 approved providers, students can choose from hundreds of study abroad programs as well as internship and volunteer opportunities abroad. Our approved providers offer programs in every corner of the globe; both big cities and small. Although exchange programs are a great program category for students looking for independent opportunities, we only offer exchange programs in a finite amount of locations. By allowing students to participate in affiliate provider programs, students have access to even more program options, universities, courses and experiences they can choose from.

Excursions & Cultural Activities - An added benefit of participating in an affiliate provider program is that, throughout the duration of your program, the provider will arrange cultural outings and activities that are designed to help integrate you into the host country's culture. For example, the provider may arrange a social hour at a nearby restaurant and invite the American students and local students in order to give them an opportunity to meet.

On a few select weekends the affiliate provider is also likely to schedule excursions, which would involve the group of students who are participating in that provider's program traveling to a nearby city or country. Most of the logistical costs, such as transportation, entry to cultural events, some meals, etc. would already be included in the cost the student has paid to the provider. This is a great way to be able to travel without having to do all the planning - plus, they're tons of fun!

Support - In addition to the Office of Education Abroad staff, students will also have the support of affiliate provider staff who will assist during the advising process, on-site and even upon return to the U.S. These staff can assist the students in finding a good location or accommodation option that is the best fit for them, assist with class registration abroad and assist with pre-departure tips to help prepare students for their upcoming experience. In most cases, affiliate providers will have on-site staff or even an office where students will have 24/7 access to English speaking contacts who can assist them in the event of an emergency or even if they just need some help acclimating to life abroad.

Out-of-State Students - If you are an out-of-state student at UNC Charlotte (and will be at the time you would like to go abroad), you can save an average of $5,000 on semester-long study abroad programs through affiliate providers! 

Academic Credit

Students will receive academic credit for any courses they take abroad. However, it's ultimately a matter of what type of credit they will receive. Refer to our Exchange & Affiliate Credit Process page for more information.


GPA requirements and any major or class standing restrictions will vary and are indicated in the program brochure. Keep in mind that the "Area of Study" listed under the Fact Sheet on a program brochure simply indicates the type of course credit to be received for the program and does not necessarily indicate that the program is restricted to students within that major. The minimum cumulative GPA requirement for a "long-term" program (e.g. fall, spring or year) is a 2.5. However, some programs may have higher GPA requirements. Please note that students must apply and be approved by the Office of Education Abroad as well as apply and be accepted by the affiliate provider. Students should ensure they are also looking at the affiliate provider's program brochure to ensure they meet all of the provider's eligibility requirements.