Affiliate Program Details

Program Structure

It is common for students to be surrounded by other American and international students while abroad when participating in an affiliate provider program. Once on-site, the affiliate provider will faciliate an orientation progran as wekk as offer a city and host university tour.

Cost Structure

The cost of the program will be paid to the affiliate provider. The cost may include expenses such as tuition and fees at the host university, housing, meals, excursions, airport pick up services and more. Students do not pay tuition & fees, housing nor meals to UNC Charlotte the semester they participate in an affiliate provider program.

Financial Aid 

Financial aid can be applied to any affiliate provider program as long as the program is approved by the Office of Education Abroad and the student will be the equivalent of full-time at UNC Charlotte while abroad. Financial aid will not be sent automatically to the provider; students will receive their aid at the start of the semester they go abroad and will then be responsible for submitting payment to the provider.

Note that, at time of acceptance, the provider may ask for application fees and/or program deposits that will be required out-of-pocket. Then, they may defer the remainder of the cost of the program, which students can submit payment for later when their aid is received.


Many times, if a student is accepted to participate in a specific provider's program, they can apply for scholarships that are awarded through that provider. Check out the provider's website for more information on whether or not scholarship opportunities are available. Students can apply for other scholarships through UNC Charlotte or external organization and apply them to affiliate provider programs as well.

Application Process

  1. Approval - Students will first complete an OEA application in order to receive approval to study abroad. Application requirements generally include a personal statement, UNC Charlotte transcript (GPA), and Dean of Students disciplinary clearance. Students' applications are reviewed holistically. If the student meets the eligibility requirements, they will be approved. However, they then need to apply to the affiliate provider concurrently.
  2. Acceptance - In order to be accepted into the program, students must also apply to the affiliate provider. Students should work on both their OEA and affiliate provider application concurrently. Note that OEA application deadlines may differ from affiliate provider deadlines. Affiliate provider application requirements could include personal statements, letters of recommendation, language evaluations, UNC charlotte transcript, disciplinary clearance, home university (UNC Charlotte) approval, etc. Once the student begins the application with the provider they will have full access to all requirements necessary to complete their application. Approval from OEA does not guarantee acceptance from the affiliate provider and vice versa.

How to Apply

Students interested in going abroad will submit an application to the Office of Education Abroad. Please follow these steps to begin the application process:

  • Watch a Study Abroad 101 webinar*
  • Research program offerings and review program brochures thoroughly
  • Discuss your study abroad plans with your academic advisor
  • Schedule an appointment with the first available advisor in OEA by calling 704-687-7747*
  • If you have already completed all of the steps above, please send an email to the Office of Education Abroad when you are ready to apply:
    • Program Type (Affiliate Provider)
    • Name of Affiliate Provider
    • Program Name (as indicated on the affiliate provider's website)
    • Term(s) you are applying for
*Indicates a required step

Application Deadlines

The following deadlines are in regards to the required Office of Education Abroad (OEA) application that students must complete. Late applications may be considered. Students are also required to apply to the affiliate provider and those deadlines may vary from the ones listed below.

  • Fall, Academic Year, Summer: March 1
  • Spring or Calendar Year: October 1

How to Search Affiliate Programs

  1. Utilize the OEA database to search for programs (NOTE: This database may not contain all providers. To ensure you are researching a comprehensive list of available programs, it is suggested you use Step 2 below)
  2. Refer to the list of approved affiliate providers and research programs on their websites. Students are limited to utilizing approved providers, but not to worry! We work with over 15 providers, that's a total of over 500 programs! 
  3. Utilize affiliate provider databases. These will produce programs from many different providers, including non-approved providers. Please ensure you have cross-referenced the program you're interested in to ensure it's being administered through our list of approved providers: