Spring Break

The following information is regarding students wishing to apply to go abroad during Spring or Fall Break. The application process may vary depending on the program type.

Spring or Fall Break Program Options

Students who want to study abroad during Spring or Fall Break can choose from the following program types:

Application Process

It is very important that you are familiar with the academic, financial, and application processes of these programs before you submit an application.

  1. Complete Study Abroad 101 (strongly recommended)
  2. Review the Steps to Study Abroad, faculty-led program information, scholarship resources, and other resources on the OEA website
  3. Review the general cost structure, academic credit, and other information on the faculty-led spring/fall break programs page
  4. Research program offerings, reviewing all brochures thoroughly
  5. Discuss your study abroad plans with your academic advisor to ensure you understand how the credit you will receive will fit into your curriculum requirements
  6. Contact the faculty member leading the program of interest with program-specific questions
  7. Click the "Apply Now" button at the top of the program brochure page to begin your application
    1. You are not required to meet with an Education Abroad Advisor in order to open an application for faculty-led spring or fall break programs. However, you are welcome to come to drop-in hours or call or stop by the OEA to schedule an appointment to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.
  8. Follow all instructions in the application carefully to submit your application as soon as possible and by the program-specific deadline.
Faculty-Led Spring Break October - November*
Faculty-Led Fall Break preceding spring or summer*

*Application deadline will vary per program. Review the deadline listed on the applicable program brochure and in your application


Applications for short-term faculty-led programs are accepted on a rolling basis unless otherwise indicated, and spaces in the program are limited. 

The Office of Education Abroad will review submitted applications in conjunction with the Dean of Students to verify minimum eligibility requirements before passing applications on to the faculty director. The faculty director then makes the final admission decision. 

Students will receive updates on their application status and next steps via their UNC Charlotte email. Approved students will have additional steps to complete, including paying a non-refundable deposit, in order to hold their spot in the program.