Faculty-Led Programs

Overview of Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-led programs are study abroad programs developed and led by UNC Charlotte faculty members that typically focus on a specific subject area or foreign language. One or more faculty members travel with a group of students from UNC Charlotte and teach one or more courses in the location abroad. Students receive predetermined UNC Charlotte credit for the course(s) taken abroad. By design, faculty-led programs integrate many group activities into their curriculum and provide a very structured, enriching international experience. 

Please note:

  • program offerings vary from year to year - what was offered last year may not be offered this year
  • program offerings are published on the OEA website beginning in the Fall of each school year
  • application requirements and deadlines vary from program to program - always review each online program brochure carefully for details

Benefits of Faculty-Led Programs

  • Typically short-term (spring break or summer)
  • UNC Charlotte equivalent credit is already specified - you are taking an actual UNC Charlotte course, just abroad
  • Students travel with a group of their peers and a UNC Charlotte faculty member(s)
  • Great way to get to know a UNC Charlotte faculty member(s) outside of the classroom
  • Great first step for more timid students interested in study abroad who are looking for a cohort-type program


  • GPA requirements and any major or class standing restrictions will vary and are indicated in the program brochure
  • the "Courses Offered" listed under the Fact Sheet on a program brochure simply indicates the type of course credit to be received for the program
    • this does not necessarily indicate that the program is restricted to students within that course major
  • all students are required to be in good academic and disciplinary standing at time of application and prior to departure in order to be permitted to go abroad

Important Updates

  • Applications for 2017 faculty-led programs are no longer being accepted at this time
  • Applications for 2018 faculty-led programs will become available beginning in Fall 2017

Faculty Directors

Faculty or staff interested in leading a short-term program will need to submit a program proposal by the applicable deadline. Please contact the Office of Education Abroad if you have any questions about leading a short-term program.