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Students are advised to work with our approved affiliate providers in order to set up their international internship. By working with an affiliate provider, studnets will receive services such as airport pick-up, orientations, accommodations and more (services offered will vary per provider).

How to Search for Internships

All providers listed below are approved and offer similar services to students. To find out more about example placements, career fields and locations, search through the following affiliate providers' websites:

Miscellaneous Country-Specific Internships


  • UNC Charlotte Exchange Program with the University of Sydney + Internship: This opportunity is open to students who apply and are approved to participate in a UNC Charlotte Exchange program with the University of Sydney. While studying in Sydney, students will also participate in an internship abroad in addition to taking university courses. Placement for this internship is competitive. Learn more about the internship placement here under the "Special Types of Units" tab. Learn more about how to apply for the UNC Charlotte Exchange with the University of Sydney (required) if interested in the internship.