Program Search Function

How to Use the Program Search

Click the green button below to be taken to the Program Search Funtion. Note that there are two types of searches:

  • Simple Search: Filter programs based on the name of the program or by location. When you click the button below, you will be taken to the simple search.
  • Advanced Search: Filter programs based on program type, eligibility requirements, suggested areas of study, terms, and more. When you click the button below, you will be taken to the simple search. To use the advanced searched, please click the "Advanced Search" button at the top.

Important Notes Regarding Program Search

You will see the following terms while using the Program Search Function. Please read the following descriptions of these terms before using the search function.

  • Areas of Study: The area(s) of study listed here do not necessarily mean that students must be majoring or minoring in one or more of these areas of study in order to be eligible for the program, unless otherwise noted in the "Eligibility" section under the "Overview" tab. Instead, these are suggested areas of study, which indicate that this program may offer one or more courses within this discipline. Students should not rely solely on this "areas of study" section when determining whether or not a study abroad program is a good academic fit for them; instead, they should look at the specific list of courses the program or host university offers to determine if there are courses of interest or that may fit within your curriculum
  • Faculty Directors: In the advanced search option, you can search by Faculty Directors. This is a list of faculty members who are leading a Faculty-Led program.
  • Feature Programs: Any program that has a gold start next to the name of it is considered a "featured program," which means it is managed by UNC Charlotte. These include UNC Charlotte exchange programs and faculty-led programs.
  • Prior Language Study Required: If the program requires students to have taken a college-level language course (or more than one course), the number semesters students must have taken a language course will be listed here

Click the button below to be taken to our program search function where you can filter program types, suggested areas of student, terms and more!