Volunteer Abroad

Overview of Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering is a great way to get involved with your community and looks great on a resume. Volunteering abroad looks even better! We work with approved providers that offer volunteer and/or service-learning opportunities all over the world. Students participating in volunteer abroad programs will work with our providers to be placed with a organization in a location that is a good fit for them. 

Benefits of Volunteering Abroad

Participating in a volunteer opportunity abroad has the same benefits as studying abroad; you'll be immersed in another culture and develop soft skills that employers seek in job candidates. Even though you're not in a classroom abroad, you are still participating in experiential learning. You'll be volunteering with local companies or organizations abroad and serving the local community with a variety of areas.


 The minimum cumulative GPA requirement for a "short-term" program (e.g. summer) is 2.0. For "long-term" programs (e.g. fall, spring or year), it is a 2.5. However, some affiliate providers or companies may required higher GPAs. Additionally, studets must be in good disciplinary standing at time of application and prior to departure.


The volunteer abroad process is normally a customized process; students will work with affiliate providers to find the best placement for them. As long as students start the process at least 6 months prior to the semester they want to intern abroad, affiliate providers are normally able to accommodate students preferences.