Financial Aid

Study Abroad Financial Aid (FAQ)
  1. Can I use Financial Aid to cover costs associated with my study abroad program? Yes. As long as you complete your FAFSA as normal, notify OEA that you plan to utilize these funds within your study abroad application, complete all post-approval requirements with OEA and maintain the equivalent of full-time status while abroad, you will be eligible to utilize your full financial aid award amount for the semester you will be abroad
  2. How do I know if I'm a Financial Aid recipient? If you receive any add listed on the "Types of Aid" website, then you are considered a Financial Aid recipient and can use these funds towards your study abroad program.
  3. Will I receive extra Financial Aid while attending study abroad? Students receiving financial aid should expect to receive the same amount of aid as they did the previous semester. The amount of aid you receive is based on your FAFSA, not the cost of the program and/or cost of living abroad. Speak with your financial counselor to see if you have any loan eligibility available and discuss any alternatives in securing additional funding.
  4. When will I receive my Financial Aid money? Your financial aid will be disbursed at the beginning of the semester you go abroad regardless of your program start date. Financial aid is released according to UNC Charlotte's academic calendar. Typically aid is disbursed approximately a week before the first day of class at UNC Charlotte per semester.
  5. Will Financial Aid pay for my flight? Financial aid can be used to pay for your flight but will not be disbursed early for this expense.
  6. Do I have to take classes abroad in order to use my Financial Aid? Students are only eligible to utilize their financial aid if they are participating in a program abroad administering academic credit. This remains the same if the student is participating in an internship or service-learning abroad and will be receiving credit for this program, as long as the amount of credit they will receive is the equivalent to full-time at UNC Charlotte that semester.
  7. Does Financial Aid pay the study abroad institution directly? Depending on the program type, funds may either be diverted directly to cover UNC Charlotte tuition & fees and any balances owed to the Office of Education Abroad. Otherwise, the remaining amount of aid and/or all aid will be disbursed directly to the student via direct deposit or a refund check. It will then be the student's responsibility to pay any balances owed to their host university, program provider, OEA, etc.
  8. What if I leave the study abroad program early? If you fail to complete the study abroad program you may be responsible for repayment of a portion or all of the aid received for that semester. Similarly, if you fail all courses or fail to meet any requirements of the program (e.g. remaining full-time while abroad), you may also be responsible for repayment of a portion or all of the aid received for that semester.
  9. My Financial Aid award won't cover all costs associated with my program. Where else can I get additional funding? Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships. Please note that, if awarded a scholarship and dependent upon the amount, your financial aid package could decrease depending in your financial aid type. Discuss this possibility with a Financial Aid Advisor

The Office of Student Financial Aid

The Student Financial Aid Office is located in Reese 122. This office is responsible for administering all federal, state and campus-based aid. Financial Aid is based on a calculation which relates your financial need (and your family's ability to contribute) to the cost of your education. Most financial aid can be used for study abroad and you will be asked to fill out additional documentation once you have been approved. Please note that if you receive an athletic scholarship, you will need to check with Athletics, as well as with your coach. If you receive a Merit Scholarship, ask if there is a study abroad stipend included with the scholarship.