Other Funding Resources

Personal Fundraising

In addition to utilizing financial aid and applying for scholarships, students are encouraged to consider fundraising on their own. OEA recommends the following ways to secure additional aid to help fund your program abroad:

Online fundraising

Local organizations

  • Rotary Clubs Look at the Rotary Club Scholarship information in the International Resource Center in CHHS 256 to see if you qualify for a Rotary Scholarship. Then, write or call you local Rotary chapter for an application.
  • Service Clubs Inquire at your local Lions, Kiwanis or other service clubs.
  • Town Hall Go to your town hall and ask if there are any local scholarships; Chamber of Commerce: Visit the Chamber of Commerce to see if there are any opportunities.

  • Your High School Go to the guidance department from your old high school and inquire.

  • Religious Organizations If you belong to a church, synagogue or other religious organization, ask the person in charge of finances if there are any scholarships, grants or loans available.

  • Family Employers Ask your parents and other members of your family to check at work and see if their company offers aid to sons, daughters, or relatives of workers.

  • Your Employer If you hold a job, ask your boss if there are any scholarships or tuition benefits available to workers in the company.


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