Faculty-Led Spring Break Credit Process

The following information is in regards to faculty-led spring break programs only:

Phase 1: Research Process

Luckily, each faculty-led program lists the exact UNC Charlotte course credit you will receive if participating in that particular program. This information will be listed under the "academics" tab of the online program brochure per program. It's recommended that students complete the following steps:

  • Meet with your Academic Advisor(s) to determine what UNC Charlotte courses you need to take to complete graduation requirements
  • Search for a faculty-led program that offers this exact course(s)
  • Proceed to the application process if ready

Phase 2: Register for Spring Course

Once you have applied and have been accepted into the program by the Office of Education Abroad, the Faculty Director will then send you the CRN for the Spring course you need to register for. You will then register for the course, which will be treated like any other spring course. This course (typically worth 3 credit hours) will factor into your total amount of credit hours you're taking that Spring, which means you should refer to Student Accounts chart indicating cost of tuition & fees according to total credit hours and level. 

Phase 3: Completion of Spring Course

After you have participated in the spring break international component and successfully completed your spring course, your Faculty Director will assign you an A - F letter grade just like any other spring course. The Faculty Director will enter your grade at the end of the semseter when all semester grades are due.