Health & Safety


Prior to Departure

It's important that participants thoroughly research the host country and city to prepare for the types of medical treatments available in that location. Students are encouraged to utilize the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website, the U.S. Department of State website as well as resources offered through the international health insurance provider, GeoBlue.

While Abroad

Students will be enrolled in a mandatory international health insurance through GeoBlue. This is a comprehensive insurance, which will cover most medical expenses, surgeries and evacuation while abroad. It is a North Carolina General Assembly requirement that all UNC Charlotte students be enrolled in this insurance while abroad. Once the student is approved to study abroad and accepted into the program, OEA will purchase this insurance for the student on their behalf at a rate of $1.42/day (subject to change). More information will be made available to the student when the have access to the post-approval resources in their study abroad application.

Returning from Abroad

It's important to note that reverse culture shock is real and can affect students when they re-enter the United States after the end of their international experience. While symptoms can be mild (fatigue, sadness, disorientation), should symptoms progress, students should see their doctor or seek further counseling. 


The Office of Education Abroad and UNC Charlotte take our students' safety seriously. Current events are monitored constantly and OEA is in direct contact with students and on-site constituencies in the event of an international emergency. OEA will work with UNC Charlotte risk managers, on-site staff, the U.S. Department of State and GeoBlue to determine the best course of action to keep students safe in the event of an emergency abroad.

Students are encouraged to log any and all personal travel in their study abroad application so that, in the event of an emergency, OEA will be able to locate students quickly. It's important that students monitor their UNC Charlotte email continuously.