Career Integration


Do you know you can market your study abroad experience? How can you sell your newly developed skills to employers? After studying abroad, you know how your journey has changed you. You’ve gained a new insight to the world and others who have not traveled won’t have the same views as you, so how do you go about bringing your new skills into your career?  

The first step is revamping your résumé! Whether you are seeking international or domestic employment, you still want to know how to incorporate what you have learned into your résumé. When describing your study abroad experience, you want to be professional. List examples as to how you’ve improved in the following areas or other areas you see fit.


General Work Skills: Have you become more independent? How resourceful were you? Did you succeed in breaking communication barriers or put strategic thinking to good use?

Cross-Cultural Skills: How did you adapt to living in a new environment? What are some ways you overcame culture-shock? Did you stay open-minded and observant?

Language Skills: When communicating with employers, be sure to list the level of reading, writing, or speaking skill you have acquired. Language skills are important even if you only have very basic knowledge. Show that you are open to language learning.

Courses Abroad: What courses have you taken that made an impact or prepared you for a situation? Did you interact with international students or were a majority of them from your own country? Can you give examples of being able to interact cross-culturally?

Professional experience abroad: Employers want to know that you can accomplish tasks in a different environment successfully. Did you have a group project with other students from diverse backgrounds? Did you meet any professionals in your field or organize any social events? If you volunteered, was a language coach, or worked with a professor, be sure to list these on your résumé as these are valuable experiences to employers.

Now, if you have attended the Re-Entry Party/Career Workshop, you have probably learned a variety of tips on how to integrate your studying abroad into your career. Build onto what you have and for more pointers; definitely check out the University Career Center! Find your advisor here.

Also be sure to check the OEA calendar for the next career workshop.