Jess Taylor

Education Abroad Advisor

After growing up in Buffalo, NY, Jess completed her undergraduate degree at UNC Charlotte. She received her B.S.B.A in International Business with a minor in Spanish in 2014. Jess always knew she wanted to study abroad and luckily her major required it. She chose to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona through the affiliate provider International Studies Abroad (ISA). Upon her return, she realized her life was changed forever by her study abroad experience. She then obtained an internship with ISA to help promote study abroad on campus. After graduating, she took on the role of the Education Abroad Advisor at UNC Charlotte in June of 2014. Jess oversees exchange, affiliate provider, direct enrollment, internships abroad and international travel registrations. She is a dedicated International Education professional with a deep passion for learning. Jess is currently working on her M.Ed in Learning, Design and Technology at UNC Charlotte and plans to use her degree to better prepare students for their international experience. Her personal and professional goal is to send as many students abroad as possible so that it can enrich their lives as it did hers.