Alert Traveler

UNC Charlotte faculty, staff, and students traveling on study abroad programs have access to the AlertTraveler phone app for the duration of their study abroad experience. AlertTraveler is an extension of the OEA portal which provides you with alerts about safety and security related events near you (according to your itinerary) and contains professionally provided, up-to-date information about countries and major cities around the world.

Benefits of the app:

  • Access country information to stay up-to-date on issues that may affect your travels

  • Receive real time alerts when an emergency may affect you while traveling

  • The University will be able to send check-in requests to you during emergency situations to make sure you are safe and provide assistance as needed

Please reference the AlertTraveler user guide for assistance with downloading and using the app on your phone. Please also consult the AlertTraveler FAQs for additional information.