Classroom Presentations

One of the best ways to spread the word about study abroad is by word of mouth. The Office of Education Abroad would be more than happy to send an OEA staff member to come speak to your classroom and provide your students with more information about frequently asked questions and instructions on how to get started.

Classroom Presentation Format

  • Length: 45 minutes maximum (45 minutes is recommended - however, we can shorten the length to fit your needs)
  • Technology Needed: Computer & Projecter 
  • Presenters: 1 OEA staff member + 1 UNC Charlotte Study Abroad Alumni (if able to secure volunteer for that day and time)
    • The OEA asks that the faculty member in charge of the class remain present in the classroom for the duration of the presentation
  • Information covered: Where you can go, how long you can go, cost, financial aid & scholarships, program options, health & safety, how to get started

Request a Presentation

Complete the following Study Abroad Classroom Presentation Request Google Form. Please note completion of this form does not confirm your presentation; you will be contacted by OEA staff to confirm the date and time of the presentation you requested. If you teach several sections of the same class, please submit 1 request per class/section.