Faculty Director Workshops

The OEA offers several workshops throughout the program development and implementation process in order to relay necessary information to Faculty Directors leading programs. Fauclty are highly encouraged to participate in the workshops each year they lead a program in order to stay up to date on process and policy changes. The Program Development Workshop is for faculty interested in developing a new program for a future cycle. All other workshops are for current faculty directors who have already proposed a program for the current academic year. 



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Program Development Workshop

The Office of Education Abroad holds informational workshops each semester for UNC Charlotte faculty members who are interested in learning how to develop a short-term study abroad program. 


  • Importance of short term programming
  • Faculty and OEA responsibilities
  • Program considerations
  • Program design
  • Program implementation 
  • Proposal process

Please join us to learn more about how you can lead a group of students abroad. We ask that interested faculty please RSVP using our online form so that we can plan accordingly.


  • Faculty Interested in Proposing a Program for 2020: This webinar has already run. Please review the recording for more information about proposing a new program!

Program Launch Webinar 

This webinar is held just after a program application cycle is launched and begins accepting applications. The purpose of the webinar to assist Fauclty Directors in preparing for the recruitment and application review phase of the program process. 


  • Where to direct students on the website and in the program brochure for vital information about your program.
  • The application process from the student perspective
  • Faculty Director Workshops for the fall
  • Study Abroad Fair information


  • Sessions for the 2020 cycle are TBD

Program Confirmation Webinar

This webinar is held just after a program is confirmed to run. We will address the next steps for implementing your program and the timeline for preparing for departure.


  • Overview of the Faculty Director Requirements materials in the portal
  • Where to find helpful resources in the portal
  • How to look up student information in the portal
  • Reminders of what to do now to prepare your program


  • Sessions for 2020 cycle are TBD 

Marketing and Recruiting for Faculty Led Programs

Recruiting for study abroad is a daunting task, but is critical to the success of a program. This workshop covers tips and tricks for successfully recruiting for your study abroad program including statitics on programs, how to talk about the value and benefits of study abroad, online marketing tools, and creative ideas for getting the word out. This workshop is meant for both new and veteran faculty alike.


  • Why recruit?
  • Know your audience
  • Framing the converstaion
  • Dispelling myths
  • Online marketing tools (e.g. Canva, Flickr, Mailchimp)
  • Advice and resources
  • Creative ideas for getting the word out


  • Sessions for the 2020 cycle are TBD

Navigating the OEA Portal

This workshop is held in two parts depending on the phase the program is in. Part 1 is held during the recruitment phase and focuses on how to review applications, follow up with students about completing their applciations, how students move through the online application system. Part 2 is held after the program is confirmed and focuses on how to access student information in the system, creating reports, and completing Faculty Director Requirements.  

Part 1 Sessions

  • Sessions for the 2020 cycle are TBD

Part 2 Sessions

  • Sessions are TBD

Program Administration Workshop

This workshop provides guidance on some of the most important components of leading and managing a program abroad, including your responsibilities as a Faculty Director, emergency response and risk management protocols, program finances and budgetary procedures, addressing student issues, and responsibilities to the University upon return from the the program.

Faculty Directors who have not attended this workshop in the last 2 years are required to attend this workshop. Faculty who have attended the workshop in the last 2 years are welcome and encouraged to come again.