Presentation Request

what is an oea presentation?

One of the best ways to spread the word about study abroad is by word of mouth. The Office of Education Abroad would be more than happy to send an OEA staff member to come speak to your classroom or group and provide your students with more information about frequently asked questions and instructions on how to get started.

What Information is Covered?

The information that is covered is general. This is because there are over 1,000+ program options to choose from and each program will vary in terms of the eligibility and application requirements, how academic credit works, cost structure & estimated costs and more. OEA Staff will generally cover the following topics:

  • Where & when you can go
  • General eligibility requirements
  • General overview of program types
  • Money matters (including financial aid & scholarships)
  • Language barriers
  • Health & safety
  • Next steps

Please note because of the volume of programs, program types, students with more than one major and different motivations for going abroad & information associated with studying abroad, the OEA is unable to go into specifics regarding programs that are best for specific majors or minors.

Presentation Format


It's recommended that you opt for the standard format if time allows, as this is the maximum length of time we are able to accommodate and allows us to be the most informative and interactive with your group:

  • Length: 45 minutes
  • Format: Online interactive polling 
  • Technology Needed: Computer, internet & projector 
  • Staff: 1 OEA Staff or Intern + 1 currently enrolled UNC Charlotte student who has studied abroad (as long as a student volunteer can be secured for that date and time)


If you are in need to shorten the presentations to less than 45 minutes or address a particular topics, the OEA will review the request and provide accommodations when and where possible.

Request an OEA Presentation

Complete the Request a Presentation Google Form here. Please note completion of this form does not confirm your presentation; you will be contacted by OEA staff to confirm the date and time of the presentation you requested, typically within 2-3 business days after the request is received. If you would like the OEA to present for more than one of your class sections or groups, please submit multiple request forms as needed for each individual presentation.