Study Abroad 101

The Office of Education Abroad (OEA) at UNC Charlotte is excited that you are interested in going abroad! Completing Study Abroad 101 is the first required step for all UNC Charlotte students before you can meet with an Education Abroad Advisor or move forward with the application process. Study Abroad 101 explains the different program types, how to search for programs, information on costs to consider, financial aid and scholarships, and more!

How to Complete Study Abroad 101

To watch the videos and complete Study Abroad 101, you'll need to create an Advising application in the OEA Portal. Once there, you'll see everything you need to do to complete Study Abroad 101.

Create Your Advising Application Here

Note to recently-admitted students

If you were recently admitted to attend UNC Charlotte but have not yet started taking classes (e.g., first year students starting in the Fall, transfer students about to start at UNC Charlotte, etc.), you will not be able to create an Advising Application until your NinerNet credentials are active, which will take place a few days into the start of your first semester of classes per UNC Charlotte's academic calendar. This is because, although you have received your NinerNet credentials and have access to some university systems, per ITS processes these credentials will not be active for you to use all university systems until you actually start classes. In this case, the OEA recommends that you watch the Study Abroad 101 videos in the meantime and then complete the Advising Application as soon as you're eligible to do so.

Note to Non-UNC Charlotte Students

Please ensure you click the "Non-UNC Charlotte Login" option and read the information provided. When creating your account for the first time, you should choose "Applicant" under the "First Time Users" heading.

After You Complete Study Abroad 101

research programs

After completing Study Abroad 101, you're not quite ready to start an application. It is critical that you first research all of your program options based on the guidance provided in Study Abroad 101. The OEA website is full of resources to help you better understand the differences between program types, instructions on how to search and filter through approved programs, and more.

Review Study Abroad Phases

To better understand the phases you will progress through (i.e. researching, applying, pre-departure, while abroad, upon return), refer to our Getting Started tab.

Meet with an Education Abroad Advisor (if required or desired)

Only after you have completed Study Abroad 101 and have researched programs on the OEA's website are you eligible to meet with an Education Abroad Advisor. You can learn more about how to schedule an appointment here.

Choose Your Program

Once you have researched all of your options, asked questions and have identified the program that's the best academic, financial, and personal fit for you, you are then ready to move forward with the application process. Go to our How to Apply page to request access to an OEA application.


Once you have identified the program that's the best academic, financial, and personal fit for you, you should then follow the steps outlined on our How to Apply tab under the program type you are applying for.