Study Abroad Graduation Sash

Those who studied abroad as a UNC Charlotte student are eligible to purchase a Study Abroad Graduation Sash to wear during commencement with their host country flag(s) printed on it! The OEA purchases these sashes from a third party and collects orders each fall and spring semester.

Cost of Sash

  • 1 sash with 1 country: $32.00
  • 1 sash with 2 countries: $42.00
  • 1 sash with 3 countries: $52.00
  • 1 sash with 4 countries: $62.00

How to Submit Order

‚ÄčThe OEA is no longer accepting graduation sash orders for Spring 2019. The deadline to place a graduation sash order was Sunday, March 17. Please see the FAQ section below if you did not place your order by the deadline.

The OEA will start accepting sash orders for the December 2019 commencement by the beginning of September.

Graduation Sash FAQs

  1. When will I receive the graduation sash? The sashes will be shipped to the Office of Education Abroad 2-3 week before commencement. Students who have submitted (and paid) orders will be notified via email when the sashes have arrived and will be communicated pick-up instructions
  2. What if I don't order a graduation sash by the date above? You can buy a graduation sash individually from Vision Wear (however, by ordering through OEA, a group discount is applied and it is cheaper overall)
  3. What if I'm graduating next semester or next year, should I buy a graduation sash now or later? The Office of Education Abroad collects orders for graduation sashes in the fall and spring semester. You can order a graduation sash whenever you'd like.

Sash Pick-Up Disclaimer

Students who order & pay for a sash but does not pick it up within 2 semesters (approximately 1 year) from time of delivery to the OEA will forfeit their order and will not receive a refund.