Grade Processing

All Students

The following pertains to any UNC Charlotte student who studies abroad for academic credit:

  • Students will receive an A-F letter grade. The OEA will convert any host country grading systems using a standard conversion as necessary
  • Students are not able to obtain pass/fail grades for courses taken abroad. Students must ensure they take courses abroad that issue a grade
  • All grades earned abroad will be calculated into the student's cumulative GPA at UNC Charlotte upon return
  • All courses taken abroad and corresponding grades earned will be reported on the students UNC Charlotte transcript upon return.

Potential delays that will restrict the OEA from beginning the grade processing include if a student:

  • Owe a monetary balance to the OEA. Grades will not be submitted until the balance is paid in full.
  • Received an OEA Scholarship the semester they studied abroad. Upon return, OEA Scholarship Recipients have several requirements to complete, including volunteer hours. Study abroad grades cannot be processed until OEA Scholarship Recipient requirements are completed.
  • Needs to submit any documentation to the OEA upon request (e.g. a new Advising Agreement)

Upon completion of the aforementioned contingencies, grades will then be put in the queue for processing.

Faculty-led Programs

All participants will be graded by their Faculty Director(s) and potentially on-site Host Faculty (the OEA does not award grades).

Embedded Programs

Grades will be processed per the same processes and timelines as any other on-campus course.

Freestanding Programs

Once the OEA receives all grades from all Faculty Director(s) and the transcript from the host university (if applicable), it is then a 4-5 week processing time before grades will be submitted to the Office of the Registrar, who will then list the UNC Charlotte equivalent courses and A-F letter grades on the student's UNC Charlotte transcript. Students planning to graduate immediately following their program need to ensure they have notified their Faculty Director and the OEA immediately.

All Other Program Types

The following information pertains to students who are participating in an exchangeaffiliate provider or direct enrollment program:

Official Host university transcript

An official, hard copy of the student's transcript listing the courses they took abroad and the corresponding grade must be sent directly to the Office of Education Abroad at UNC Charlotte. This should be sent directly from the host university or affiliate provider in a sealed envelope. Electronic transcripts downloaded by the student or opened envelopes containing the transcript handed in by the student will not be accepted. 

It can take anywhere from 1 - 6 months to receive the student's official transcript from the host university or affiliate provider. This, unfortunately, is the reason why students cannot graduate the same semester they participate in an exchange, affiliate provider or direct enrollment program. The Office of Education Abroad does not have the ability to expedite this process.

Grade Processing

Once the official host university transcript is received, OEA will check to see that all of the courses the student had approved on their Advising Agreement matches the courses listed on the official host university transcript. Then, OEA will translate all host grades into A - F letter grades using a standard conversion. The official transcript, Advising Agreement(s) and grade conversions will then be sent to the Office of the Registrar, who will then list the UNC Charlotte equivalent courses and A-F letter grades on the student's UNC Charlotte transcript.