Emergencies Abroad

Emergencies Abroad

We send hundreds of students abroad each semester who have safe & successful experiences abroad. However, emergencies can & do occur abroad, and it's important to understand your resources in the event that you find yourself in an emergency situation.

Know Who to Contact

It is critical for you to know who your point of contact is while you are on-site. This could be a Faculty Director, a staff member in the International Student Office at the host university or the local police. Refer to our "Who to Contact" page below:


In the event of an emergency abroad that is communicated to the Office of Education Abroad, the OEA will attempt to contact you via email in many cases as this is often the quickest & easiest way to communicate. In OEA correspondence, the message may simply be informational. In others, the email may ask for your immediate response. If so, it is critical that you respond immediately so that we can account for your safety.

Contacting the OEA

In the event of an emergency and if you are in need of the OEA services after hours, please call UNC Charlotte campus police at +1 704 687 2200. The call will then be rerouted to OEA staff accordingly.

Before contacting the OEA after hours, please consider whether or not your situation is a true emergency. Issues such as academics, paperwork, etc. are not considered emergencies and will not be addressed after hours.