International Health Insurance

Any UNC Charlotte student or participant on a UNC Charlotte program abroad will be enrolled in mandatory international health insurance. Please see below for more information regarding the coverage, enrollment & payment timelines, how to use the insurance abroad & more. You can click the links below to be navigated to the corresponding section on the page:

GeoBlue Requirement

Any UNC Charlotte student or non-UNC Charlotte student who participates in a UNC Charlotte program will be enrolled in mandatory international health insurance through GeoBlue:

  • Enrollment in this international health insurance policy is mandatory and cannot be waived for any reason
  • The OEA will enroll students in coverage from their official program start date to their official program end date only
  • This insurance covers students internationally, no matter where in the world they are (outside of the U.S.) during their program
  • This insurance policy is not affiliated with and is separate from Student Blue health insurance, which some students may be currently enrolled in domestically here at UNC Charlotte

Policy & Coverage

Please refer to the GeoBlue Student Member Guide for detailed information on:

  • The insurance policy
  • What is covered by the insurance 
  • Member resources, including but not limited to:
    • What to do and who to contact in case you have an emergency abroad
    • How to locate medical professionals, medicines, and treatment abroad
    • Scheduling doctor's appointments abroad
    • Translating medical terms into the host country language
  • How to submit a claim to be reimbursed for medical expenses incurred abroad

Enrollment Timeline

Students will not enroll themselves in the GeoBlue international health insurance. Once approved to go abroad by the OEA and when the official program dates are confirmed, the OEA will then enroll participants in the coverage for the duration of their official program dates. The OEA will enroll participants according to the following general timeline (subject to change and to vary by participant):

  • Fall or Academic Year Programs: June
  • Spring or Calendar Year Programs: December
  • Summer Programs: May
  • Non-credit Registration programs: Approximately one month prior to departure

All students will receive email confirmation from both GeoBlue and the OEA once the OEA has enrolled them in coverage.

Personal Travel Before or After

The OEA will only enroll students in coverage for the duration of their official program dates. If students will be traveling abroad before or after their official program dates, it is highly recommended that students extend their GeoBlue coverage in order to be enrolled international health insurance at all times while abroad. However, please note that students are only eligible to extend their GeoBlue coverage to a maximum of 30 days outside of their official program dates.

Students can only extend their GeoBlue coverage once they are notified that they have been enrolled in coverage for their official program dates. The OEA will not purchase this extended coverage on students' behalf. Students will be responsible for submitting the cost of the extension to GeoBlue directly and separately from what is owed to OEA for the program date coverage.

Please refer to the How to Extend Coverage Guide here for step by step instructions.

Accessing Your Insurance Card

Depending on the program type in which you participate, the way you will access your international health insurance card will vary:

Semester in Spain, Exchange, Affiliate & Direct Enroll Program Participants

The OEA will upload your insurance card to the "Documents" section of their OEA application and notify you by email when we have done so. Students should then login to their OEA study abroad application and download their insurance card from the "Documents" section.

Faculty-Led & Non-Credit Registration Participants

Students should receive an automated email from GeoBlue notifying them that they have been enrolled and providing their certificate number. Students should register their card on GeoBlue's website* using their certificate number listed on the insurance card in order to access GeoBlue's resources. Students should use the information provided by GeoBlue to download and print their insurance card and should carry their card with them at all times while abroad

It is extremely important that all participants print and carry their insurance card with them at all times while abroad.

Registering with GeoBlue

Once the OEA enrolls you in coverage, all students need to register their card on GeoBlue's website* using their certificate number listed on the insurance card in order to access GeoBlue's resources. Once registered, students can utilize all GeoBlue's resources and login to the mobile app. The OEA strongly recommends taking advantage of GeoBlue's resources prior to departure, as they can be valuable to helping you prepare for your time abroad.

Enrollment Vs. Registration

Note the distinction between enrollment and registration: the OEA will enroll participants in coverage, but it is each participant's individual responsibility to register with GeoBlue after enrollment in order to utilize GeoBlue's resources.

students who have Gone Abroad e through unc charlotte Before

If you have traveled abroad through the OEA before (whether through a study abroad, non-credit travel registration, etc.) and were previously registered on GeoBlue's site, you should NOT need to register again. In order to access and utilize resources for your new program, please login to GeoBlue using the credentials you created during your last program; your certificate number should be the same. However, you will still need to download, print, and keep the new insurance card for your upcoming program with you at all times.‚Äč

Cost & Payment

All students should note that the daily insurance rate for GeoBlue is not controlled by the Office of Education Abroad at UNC Charlotte and is subject to change.

Semester in Spain, UNC Charlotte Faculty Led Program, & Non-Credit Registration Participants

You will NOT receive a separate invoice for the insurance fee. The cost of the insurance fee for the duration of the official program dates is already embedded into the total program fee and payments you pay via your OEA application/registration for your program; no separate payment is necessary unless you plan to extend your coverage, which you would pay to GeoBlue directly.

Exchange, Affiliate provider & Direct Enrollment Program Participants

Participants in these programs will need to pay the cost of their insurance coverage to the OEA separately from other program fees. Once the OEA has completed enrollment, we will notify students via email that their personal insurance card and invoice have been uploaded to the "Documents" section of their OEA study abroad application. 

The invoice uploaded to your OEA study abroad application will indicate the cost of the insurance for the duration of your official program dates (which varies per program, and in some cases, per student) and will contain instructions on how to submit payment for that cost. These participants cannot submit payment for the insurance fee through their OEA study abroad application directly. Instructions on how to submit payment through our direct payment site will be communicated in the invoice posted in the "Documents" section of students' OEA study abroad applications.*

Using GeoBlue Abroad

Submitting a Claim

While the insurance policy covers many medical expenses, students should be prepared to pay for all such expenses in full at the time of service (i.e. through emergency funds, a credit card, etc.). Students will then need to file a claim submitted to GeoBlue as soon as possible to be reimbursed for those expenses. Delays in completing the claim form will cause in delays in the payment of the claim. Please review the following resources to assist you in filing a claim for medical expenses incurred abroad:

Direct Pay

Direct Pay is a service that issues a Guarantee of Payment (GOP) from GeoBlue to participating providers outside the U.S to cover medical treatment. In many countries providers require this at the time of the visit. If this guarantee is not arranged prior to the visit, the physician may require payment up front from you. Request Direct Pay at least 48 hours prior to your appointment to avoid paying out-of-pocket for medical care and submitting claims.

GeoBlue Resources & Mobile App

Please review these as soon as possible before your departure!

Once registered on the GeoBlue site, students should also be able to use the site to research if any medications with which they plan to travel are legal to bring into or use in their destination(s).

It is highly recommended that all students download the free GeoBlue mobile app on their smart phones once the OEA notifies them they have purchased their GeoBlue coverage for their official program dates. 

Student Blue Domestic Insurance Notice

The following information is in regards to the Student Blue domestic health insurance administered through UNC Charlotte. It does not apply to non-UNC Charlotte program participants. Students should always confirm the following information with the University insurance office.

Semester or Year Study Abroad Program Participants

You can have the Student Blue insurance waived for the semester(s) you are abroad (for fall, spring or year participants only. Does not apply to fall break, spring break or summer participants). You must indicate whether or not you want the OEA to have the Student Health Center waive the Student Blue domestic insurance for the fall or spring semester you are abroad. You will be able to indicate this in your OEA application as part of your OEA Pre-Departure Requirements once approved by the OEA.


Student Blue does not offer short term/continuation of coverage options under the mandatory student plan put forth by the University. Student Blue coverage is on a semester basis. Students either waive or enroll per full fall or spring semester - there is no "per day" option. For students who do not depart for their study abroad program until later in the semester, there may be a few weeks or a few months where the student is still in the U.S., but, if they choose to waive this Student Blue coverage, where their Student Blue is no longer active and their GeoBlue international policy is not yet applicable, they will uninsured domestically for that window while they are still in the U.S. For example, if Student Blue has been waived for a Fall 2015 semester, then the Student Blue policy from the previous semester will end on August 1, 2015. Some students may not begin their study abroad program until September 25th, 2015 (for example). This means that from August 1, 2015 until September 25th, 2015, the student is uninsured domestically.

For study abroad students who waive the Student Blue coverage for the semester they are abroad, this is considered a "qualifying life event," which would allow the student to enroll in an individual health insurance plan during that gap. These plans allow a student to choose the coverage they want and rates based on their age. These individual plans are regular monthly policies and can be cancelled at any time when they are no longer needed.

In cases as explained above, the OEA recommends students consider BCBS of NC Individual or Family Sales (1-800-324-4973). Students can obtain a "Free Rate Quote" on the website by entering their DOB and zip code. Multiple plan options will appear. A sample range is anywhere from $100 to $300.

The OEA is not qualified to disseminate insurance advice or analyze insurance policies. We cannot assist in helping you find insurance policies to enroll in while still in the U.S. and prior to going abroad.

Summer Study Abroad Program Participants

If you enrolled in the Student Blue health insurance in the Spring semester prior to your summer abroad, you will NOT be able to have the Student Blue insurance waived during the summer. Student Blue insurance is purchased on a semester-long basis, which includes the summer semester terms at UNC Charlotte. Your Spring Student Blue policy is typically active through August 1st (date subject to change) and you can not opt out of it for the summer term only. All students going abroad in the summer will still be enrolled in the mandatory GeoBlue international health insurance as outlined above.

The information provided on this page is intended as a resource for students studying abroad through UNC Charlotte. All information is subject to change.