parking at unc charlotte

Students who have parking passes at UNC Charlotte should contact Parking and Transportation Services to determine their options for cancelling their on-campus parking pass while they are abroad, if desired or if allowed.


Just as how here at UNC Charlotte you may need a car and parking pass to get to class, you will need to consider how you will get around while abroad. In most countries around the world where students study abroad, it is much easier to get around without a car, by other means of transportation or even by walking!

Depending on which program you are participating in, your program may allow you to choose your method of transportation, or the program may require that you travel as a group by a certain method. What follows are some general types of in-country transportation options available with many programs. Some programs or students may get from place to place through a combination of several transportation types throughout the course of the program.

Remember: You'll always want to review program brochures carefully for more information on if any in-country transportation is provided in a program fee, the estimated cost of transportation options (if separate from the program fee), to whom the cost of transportation is paid, and more.

Airport Transfers

When you arrive in your destination, how will you get from the airport to your accommodations? Does the program provide airport pick-up or transfers, or will you need to be prepared to take a taxi or public transit? 

Public Transit

Many countries around the world have well-developed public transportation systems that can make it very easy to get around by bus, metro, tram, or some combination of such methods. As you research program options or prepare to go abroad, research the availability, routes, and costs of such systems - will you need to be prepared to pay for a public transit pass each month (instead of gas) in order to get to and from class?


Many countries around the world also have well-developed bike lanes and access or have a very bike-oriented culture. Some students choose to rent or buy a bike for getting to class and around town while abroad, or to supplement a public transit pass.


It may also be necessary to occasionally or frequently employ taxis while abroad. Before departure, it is very important that students use the country-specific information on the U.S. Department of State and other resources to research how to identify legitimate taxi companies in the host country. 


Photo by: Olivia Enscoe, Morocco