Pre-Departure Requirements

What are Pre-Departure Requirements?

Pre-departure requirements (PDRs) are an important part of helping you prepare for your experience abroad. These requirements are additional items that appear in your OEA study abroad application after your application is approved. The OEA also collects this information for risk management purposes in efforts to provide support in the event of emergencies abroad. 

Once students have received OEA approval to participate in a program, they will be prompted to login to their OEA study abroad application to complete their PDRs. These requirements consist of things such as uploading a passport copy, uploading a flight itinerary, RSVPing for and attending the mandatory OEA Pre-Departure Orientation, electronically signing documents, and more, but can vary by program type and individual program. Pre-departure requirements also include submitting payments due to the Office of Education Abroad.

Notes for Faculty Led Program Participants

  • PDRs are essential for the OEA to make important program arrangements on your behalf well before you actually leave to go abroad
  • Additional requirements might appear in your OEA application in the weeks following the confirmation deadline (the OEA would email you when those are available to complete)
  • If the OEA works with a third-party provider to help arrange your program, you may have requirements to complete for the provider outside of or in conjunction with your OEA application. These items are also essential to preparing the program for you well in advance

When Can I Start Working on PDRs?

Once students have been approved by the OEA to participate in a program, they will receive an email notification that details their next steps. At that time, students will then be able to login to their OEA application to review their new requirements and deadlines. However, students planning to participate in a faculty-led program need to first complete the confirmation steps in order to hold their spot in the program before completing other PDRs.

Note: it is very important that Faculty Led Program participants not book travel nor submit payments beyond the deposit until they receive official email confirmation from the OEA that they are clear to do so. Students can expect to receive this confirmation within 2-4 weeks after the program's final confirmation deadline. 

When are PDRs Due?

Requirements are usually due months before you actually leave to go abroad! Once an approved student logs into their OEA application, they will find their Pre-Departure Requirements listed. Each PDR will have a due date listed next to it. Students are required to click on each PDR to read the instructions provided and to complete or electronically sign the requirement as soon as possible and by no later than the deadline listed.

Most requirements should not take more than a few moments to complete, but some - such as applying for a valid passport and completing an advising agreement - can be more complicated and take a few weeks to complete - plan ahead! If a student cannot complete a PDR by its due date due to circumstances outside of their control (i.e., if they applied for their passport well in advance but still have not received it; if they have not yet received their official acceptance from the host university so they cannot upload the acceptance letter, etc.), the student will not be penalized as long as they communicate with the OEA and complete the requirement as soon as possible & prior to departure. All students should start the process of applying for a valid passport immediately once approved by the OEA to study abroad.