Affiliate Provider


Affiliate providers are third party organizations that facilitate study abroad, internship & volunteer programs overseas. The affiliate provider acts as a liaison between the student and host universities or organizations abroad and assists them prior to departure, has on-site staff and offers returnee services. Click on the sections below to learn more about this program type:

Affiliate Provider Services

The following is subject to change depending on the affiliate provider & specific program:

  • Pre-Departure: The affiliate provider acts as a liaison between the student and the host university or host organization abroad. Once accepted into the program, the affiliate provider will provide pre-departure advising, resources and information related to on-site details and logistics. The affiliate provider will also arrange the housing for the student abroad.
  • On-Site: The affiliate provider typically offers an airport pick-up service and will take students to their housing accommodation. They will then provide an on-site orientation to help students get acclimated to program expectations, the host university, the local culture and the city itself. Throughout the program, affiliate providers typically build in cultural activities and excursions (travel) so that students have the opportunities to integrate into the local environment and to explore new cities nearby
  • Upon Return to the U.S.: Many affiliate providers offer professional development opportunities and resources to students upon return, such as potential internships to promote study abroad as well as resources to help students prepare to enter the workforce

Experience Abroad

Students have the opportunity to be very independent while participating in an affiliate provider program. Just as with an exchange program, students are responsible for attending class & participating in any mandatory events outlined by the provider or host institution. Otherwise, the student's free time is their own.  However, the affiliate provider does offer additional support and on-site staff in the event that students need further assistance with getting acclimated to life abroad & acts as an advocate on the student's behalf with the host institution.

Students who participate in an Affiliate Provider program can expect the following cost structure:

Paid to the Office of Education Abroad

Paid to the affiliate provider

  • Application fee
  • Program fee (which often includes tuition & fees at the host university, housing, excursions, advising, emergency assistance, etc. Please visit the affiliate provider's website to confirm what is and what is not included in the program fee)

Miscellaneous Costs

  • International flight to and from host destination
  • Meals
  • Passport
  • Immigration document (such as a visa or residence permit, if applicable)
  • In-country transportation
  • Books and supplies
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal travel expenses

Students should explore the affiliate provider's website to determine the program fee (what is included) as well as the provider's refund policies.

Cost Estimate Worksheet

The OEA has designed a cost estimate worksheet, which can be used as a resource to determine the total estimated cost of a program. Please download the Cost Estimate Worksheet here and input expenses in the red boxes as applicable to you and your program. The total will then automatically increase as expenses are inputted. You do not need to fill this out and submit to the OEA during the application phase. If and once approved by the OEA, you will then be prompted to download the official document to complete prior to departure.

Students must meet the following:

  • OEA eligibility requirements and;
  • Affiliate provider program requirements: Please refer to the specific program brochure on the affiliate provider's website for more information
Note that in some cases, the affiliate provider's GPA requirement could be higher than OEA's requirement, in which case the student would ultimately need to meet the highest requirement.
Students will receive UNC Charlotte equivalent credit for the courses they take abroad. Please visit our Academic Credit tab for more information about how students will be working with their academic departments at UNC Charlotte who will assign UNC Charlotte equivalent credit for the courses students take abroad.

Refer to the How to Apply tab for more information. Students will be required to apply to both OEA and the affiliate provider. OEA application deadlines are as follows for this program type:

  • Fall or Academic Year: March 1
  • Spring or Calendar Year: October 1
  • Summer: March 1

Note that affiliate provider application deadlines may vary from the OEA application deadlines listed above. Please refer to the program brochure on the affiliate provider's website to learn more about their application process & applicable deadlines.

The Office of Education Abroad has identified a list of approved affiliate providers in order to provider options that are legitimate & offer services important for UNC Charlotte student success. Students are limited to choosing programs from approved providers, but not to worry; there are hundred of affiliate provider programs to choose from!


AIFS offers programs in 21 different countries as well as a multi-country option. AIFS offers a wide range of unique programs in Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa and the Americas. Most AIFS campuses offer courses in English or in foreign languages from beginner to advanced levels, so you don’t even have to know a foreign language to study through these programs. Check out AIFS programs.


Academic Programs International, or API, offers programs in 20 different countries. API programs offer U.S. college and university students the opportunity to earn college credit toward their degree programs in the U.S. by completing coursework in a wide variety of disciplines, including such fields as business, the social sciences, medical studies and the arts. Check out API programs.


The Center for International Studies, or CISabroad, offers programs in 21 different countries, including a multi-country option. Check out CISabroad programs. You may also want to check out CISabroad's list of most affordable programs that they offer as well as their tool to search CISabroad programs by major.


Operating in over 40 countries, CIEE provides over 200 different programs for students studying any major or minor. Check out CIEE programs.


International Studies Abroad, or ISA, provides programs all around the world as well as internships and service-learning opportunities. ISA has over 250 different programs to choose from. Check out ISA programs.


The Education Abroad Network, or TEAN, focuses on their programs in Australia, New Zealand, China, Southeast Asia and South Korea. Check out TEAN programs.


The University Studies Abroad Consortium, or USAC, known for their affordability, offers programs all around the world. Check out USAC programs.

  • Refer to our list of Approved Affiliate Providers above. Explore each affiliate provider's program offerings on the provider's websites
  • Use our Program Search Function
  • ​See a total list of all approved affiliate provider programs - Warning! This is a list of over 900 programs. It's recommended that students explore each affiliate provider's website one at a time and play around with the Program Search Function