Direct Enrollment

Direct Enrollment programs

Direct enrollment is an opportunity for a student to directly enroll at a university or institution abroad. This is not an exchange program nor is it faciliated through an affiliate provider, meaning it's an independent option. The student will be responsible for determining all details (e.g. costs, additional application process, etc.) and communicating with the host institution directly. 

Directly enrolling in an institution abroad means that the student will be working directly with the host institution in terms of applying, registering, logistics, etc. (i.e. there is no middle man, such as an affiliate provider or agreement in place, such as with an exchange program). This is a very independent option. With direct enrollment programs, students may or may not have access to programming opportunities such as extensive orientation programs, airport pick up, cultural activities, excursions, etc. the way a student would with other program types, such as affiliate providers. It is important for the student to research and fully understand the program inclusions & services offered before deciding to move forward with the application process.

Student Responsibility

Because the student is choosing to directly enroll (without going through an affiliate provider and without an agreement in place), OEA is unable to assist with communicating with the host institution on behalf of the student. The student will be responsible for determining the following:

  • Whether or not the option to "directly enroll" or "apply as a free mover" is available at the host institution
  • The eligibility requirements of the host institution and whether or not they meet those requirements
  • The application process in order to apply to the host institution
  • The cost of enrollment, to include costs such as:
    • Tuition & fees at the host institution
    • Cost of housing at the host institution/in the host country
    • Cost of living (meals, personal expenses)
    • Cost of airfare
    • Cost of visa and/or residence permit (if applicable)
  • Whether or not the host institution is accredited & issues an official transcript, which will need to be sent directly to the Office of Education Abroad at UNC Charlotte (not to the student nor to any other department on campus) in order for grades to be processed

Students who participate in a Direct Enrollment program can expect the following cost structure:

Paid to the Office of Education Abroad

Paid to the host institution

  • Application fee
  • Tuition & fees
  • Housing (if applicable)

Miscellaneous Costs

  • International flight to and from host destination
  • Meals
  • Passport
  • Immigration document (such as a visa or residence permit, if applicable)
  • In-country transportation
  • Books and supplies
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal travel expenses

Students should explore the host institution's website to determine the costs associated with the program as well as the refund policies.

Cost Estimate Worksheet

The OEA has designed a cost estimate worksheet, which can be used as a resource to determine the total estimated cost of a program. Please download the Cost Estimate Worksheet here and input expenses in the red boxes as applicable to you and your program. The total will then automatically increase as expenses are inputted. You do not need to fill this out and submit to the OEA during the application phase. If and once approved by the OEA, you will then be prompted to download the official document to complete prior to departure.

Students must meet the following:

  • OEA eligibility requirements and;
  • Host institution program requirements: Please refer to the specific program brochure on the host institution's website for more information
Note that in some cases, the host institution's GPA requirement could be higher than OEA's requirement, in which case the student would ultimately need to meet the highest requirement.
Students will receive UNC Charlotte equivalent credit for the courses they take abroad. Please visit our Academic Credit tab for more information about how students will be working with their academic departments at UNC Charlotte who will assign UNC Charlotte equivalent credit for the courses students take abroad.

Refer to the How to Apply tab for more information. Students will be required to apply to both OEA and the host institution. OEA application deadlines are as follows for this program type:

  • Fall or Academic Year: March 1
  • Spring or Calendar Year: October 1
  • Summer: March 1

Note that host institution application deadlines may vary from the OEA application deadlines listed above. Please refer to the program brochure on the host institution's website to learn more about their application process & applicable deadlines.

The Office of Education Abroad has identified a list of approved direct enrollment programs in order to provide options that are legitimate & offer services important for UNC Charlotte student success. Students are limited to choosing from the list of approved direct enrollment programs. If a student has identified a host institution that they wish to directly enroll in that is not in the list of approved direct enrollment programs, they can discuss with an Education Abroad Advisor the possibility of completing a petition to participate in a "non-approved" direct enrollment program.

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