Overview of Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-led programs are study abroad programs managed by UNC Charlotte and developed and led by UNC Charlotte faculty and/or staff members. One or more faculty and/or staff members travel with a group of students from UNC Charlotte and teach one or more courses in the location abroad. Students receive predetermined UNC Charlotte credit for the course(s) taken abroad. By design, faculty-led programs integrate many group activities into their curriculum and provide a very structured, enriching international experience. 

  • Program offerings vary from year to year - what was offered last year may not be offered this year
  • Program offerings are published and applications open on the OEA website beginning in the Fall of each school year
  • Programs typically focus on a specific subject area or foreign language
  • The majority of programs are short-term (spring break or summer)
  • UNC Charlotte equivalent credit is already pre-approved and specified - you are taking a pre-determined UNC Charlotte course, just abroad
  • It's possible to participate in these programs the semester you graduate! Research program offerings and then check in with your Academic Advisor to make sure you are staying on track
  • Program itineraries (to include activities, visits, excursions, and more) are determined by the Faculty Director - ideal for students seeking a structured experience 
  • Students travel with a group of their peers and a UNC Charlotte faculty member(s)
  • Great way to get to know a UNC Charlotte faculty member(s) outside of the classroom
  • Great first step for more timid students interested in study abroad looking for a cohort-type program

Basic Eligibility Requirements

The minimum requirements to be eligible to participate in any faculty-led study abroad program are:

  • Good academic standing at time of application and prior to departure abroad
  • Good disciplinary standing at time of application and prior to departure abroad
  • Only students approved to study abroad on the applicable faculty-led program will be permitted to participate
  • All participants are required to receive academic credit for the study abroad experience - it is not possible to audit the course or participate in a non-credit-seeking capacity
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (spring break, fall break, and summer programs)
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 (semester programs)

Program Specific Eligibility Requirements

Additional eligibility requirements vary by program; each online program brochure lists the eligibility requirements specific to that program. Please note the following:

  • Individual program GPA requirements could be higher than the aforementioned minimum 
  • The "Area of Study" listed under the Fact Sheet on a program brochure simply indicates the type of course credit to be received for the program; this does not necessarily indicate that the program is restricted to students within that course major
  • Some, but not all, programs are limited to students with specific majors or certain class standings

Review additional eligibility considerations here and in individual program brochures.

When do Applications Open?

Term Abroad Applications Typically Open
Spring Break August - September
Summer September - October
Spring September - October; April for Semester in Spain
Fall Break & Fall Late Spring or over the Summer; October for Semester in Spain

All dates are approximate. Please check this page and the specific program brochure often for updates on when applications open.​​

When Are Applications Due?

Faculty-led study abroad programs have 2 main deadlines and typically operate on rolling admissions bases:

  1. Application deadline: the latest date by which students may submit an application (incomplete applications are withdrawn from consideration after this date)
  2. Confirmation deadline: the latest date by which students who have been approved may complete the confirmation steps to hold their spot in the program (approved applicants who have not completed these steps are withdrawn after this date)
    1. The final confirmation deadline is usually one week after the final application deadline
Term Abroad Typical Final Application Deadline
Spring Break & Spring October - November
Summer January - March
Spring October - November
Fall Break & Fall Spring (March for Semester in Spain) or over the Summer

Deadlines vary by program. Please review individual program brochures for details.

Rolling Admissions

Most faculty-led programs accept applications on a rolling basis and can only admit a limited number of participants. This means that students can apply at any time before the program's final application deadline and that applications are reviewed as they are submitted, not after the application deadline. This also means that the program could fill up before the final deadlines listed in the online program brochure. Should the program reach its maximum enrollment prior to the final application or confirmation deadlines, the program will close and further applications will no longer be accepted.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the following steps as soon as possible before final program deadlines.


1. Complete Study Abroad 101

Students should complete Study Abroad 101 before moving forward with the application steps to understand all their program options as well as financial resources.​

2. Research Program Options and Resources

  • Review the program type information on the OEA website to familiarize yourself with the different cost and academic structures and policies 
  • Review additional resources on the OEA website, including the Steps to Studying Abroad, cost information, and financial resources
  • Research program offerings using the links on the applicable faculty-led program type page. Students should review all tabs of program brochures carefully
  • Reference the UNC Charlotte catalog and/or discuss your study abroad plans with your Academic Advisor to ensure you understand how the credit you will receive for your program(s) of interest will fit into your curriculum requirements

3. Submit OEA Application ASAP Before Final Deadlines

Once you have determined which specific faculty-led program is a good academic, financial, and personal fit for you and as soon as possible before the final application deadline:

  1. Click the "Apply Now" button at the top of the program brochure page to begin your application
    1. Students are not required to meet with an Education Abroad Advisor to open an application or to participate in a faculty-led program, with the exception of the Semester in Spain program. Students who wish to apply to the Semester in Spain program will need to meet with an Education Abroad Advisor in order to open an application
  2. Follow the detailed instructions provided carefully to complete all items
  3. Click “Submit” (applications are not considered until they are submitted)

Students may apply for more than one short-term faculty-led program at a time, but will have to pay the non-refundable application fee for every application submitted. Note that if the "Apply Now" button does not appear in the brochure, the program is not currently accepting applications.

OEA Application Components

OEA application requirements generally include:

  • Non-refundable application fee (amount listed in program brochure)
  • Personal statement
  • Unofficial UNC Charlotte transcript
  • Disciplinary clearance from the Dean of Students

Note that the aforementioned list may not include all requirements; requirements may vary by program. Additional requirements will appear in the application once the student is approved.

Application Review and Decision
  1. Once complete, the OEA will review applications to confirm that applicants meet the basic academic and disciplinary eligibility requirements to study abroad and of the program
  2. If eligible for the program, the OEA will pass applications on to the Faculty Director for final review
  3. The Faculty Director will make final admissions decisions
  4. The OEA will send email notice of admissions decisions by email within 2-3 weeks after application submission

The OEA will send students regular email updates to their UNC Charlotte email as their application is processed.

4. Complete Confirmation Steps

Once approved, students cannot go abroad on the program unless they complete BOTH of the steps to hold their spot in the program, called the confirmation steps, in their online OEA application by no later than the program's final confirmation deadline (listed in the program brochure) OR before the program reaches its maximum enrollment. Otherwise, the OEA cannot confirm a student's participation in the program.

Students do not need to wait until the confirmation deadline to complete these steps, but are strongly encouraged to complete these steps ASAP once they are approved. Conditionally approved students can still complete these steps.

Confirmation Steps (Completed in OEA Application Once Approved)
  1. Submit the non-refundable program deposit in full (amount provided in online program brochure)
  2. Review and electronically sign the Participant Agreement

Important Updates

  • 2018 Faculty Led Spring Break and Summer Programs are no longer accepting applications at this time. Be sure to review the information on our website to familiarize yourself with program and cost structure, eligibility, and more, and check back early in the Fall Semester 2018 for information on 2019 spring break program offerings.

Faculty And Staff

Faculty or staff interested in leading a Faculty Led study abroad program will need to submit a program proposal by the applicable deadline; please contact the Office of Education Abroad if you have any questions.