Embedded (e.g. Spring Break)

Embedded Faculty-Led

Embedded simply means that the study abroad experience is a required part of a UNC Charlotte course(s) taught during the Fall or Spring semester. 


Embedded simply means that the study abroad experience is a required part of a UNC Charlotte course(s) taught during the Fall or Spring semester. 

  1. Students first apply for the study abroad program via the Office of Education Abroad website
  2. When prompted by the OEA, confirmed participants register themselves in the on-campus course(s) tied to the study abroad program in their MyUNCC just like they would any other course
  3. Participants spend the applicable semester in class and travel abroad together over the program's dates (from 8 days to several weeks, depending on the program) with their Faculty Director(s) as a required part of that course

The international experience supplements the coursework taught on-campus during the semester and gives students the opportunity to apply what they learn on campus to the experience abroad. Depending on the program, students may take courses at a local university in a classroom setting, participate in group learning experiences in a more informal teaching setting, participate in cultural activities designed to acclimate students to life in the host country, visit historical sites, and more.

Program Length

Embedded Faculty-Led programs are offered typically as fall break or spring break programs.‚Äč

Program Brochure

The program brochure is the website page that lists all of the details of a program that UNC Charlotte students need to know and understand before choosing to move forward with the application process. After reading through each heading on this page, students can then choose the "Explore Program Options" section below to begin reviewing the individual program brochure within this program type.

OEA Requirements

All UNC Charlotte students are required to meet the eligibility requirements outlined by the OEA in addition to their program's eligibility requirements.

See OEA Eligibility Requirements Here

Program Eligibility

In addition to meeting the OEA eligibility requirements outlined above, students are also required to meet any further requirements listed on the program brochure (e.g. prerequisite courses, GPA, class standing, etc. if applicable). Note that in some cases, the host institution's GPA requirement could be higher than OEA's requirement, in which case the student would ultimately need to meet the highest requirement at time of application.

Paid to the Office of Education Abroad

The following will be paid to the Office of Education Abroad at UNC Charlotte.

Application fee

Each applicant will submit an Application Fee Payment will be made through the student's OEA application. The cost of the OEA Application Fee for this program type is $10 and must be paid by the OEA application due date as listed on the program brochure.

Program Fees

The program fee refers to the expenses for the study abroad component of the course and amounts will vary by program. Detailed explanations of what is and is not included are provided in the program's brochure, but the fee will always include at least:

The program fee is typically broken up into several payments. Payment amounts and due dates are detailed in the online program brochure and within students' OEA applications

For more information, please review our Billing Information page.

Confirmation deposit
  • The first program fee payment is the non-refundable deposit 
  • The deposit is one of the confirmation steps and cannot be deferred or broken up into smaller payments. It must be submitted in full by no later the program's final confirmation deadline or before the program meets its maximum enrollment in order to hold a student's place in the program once approved
  • Because of rolling admissions, all students are encouraged to complete the confirmation steps per the instructions in their study abroad application as soon as possible once their application is approved and by no later than the program's final confirmation deadline
  • The deposit must be paid by the OEA confirmation due date as listed on the program brochure

Paid to Student Accounts 

  • Cost of tuition & fees according to the student's residency, level (Undergraduate or Graduate), and credit hour load (to include the Spring or Fall course[s] tied to the program abroad)

Additional Expenses

Review study abroad Costs to Consider. Some expenses listed may be included in the study abroad program fee, in which case they will not need to be paid separately. Confirm fee inclusions in the online program brochure.

A budget for each embedded faculty-led program will be listed on the program brochure in the Money Matters section. This will list all of the expenses outlined above along with estimated costs associated with each expense based on the OEA's recommendation and the estimated exchange rate.

Financial Aid

Students who file a FAFSA and are awarded financial aid for the semester they intend to go abroad can utilize their funds to put towards study abroad expenses. Financial aid will not be disbursed until the start of the semester the student is studying according to UNC Charlotte's academic calendar. This means students should be prepared for out of pocket expenses before they receive their financial aid.

When financial aid is released, it will first be diverted to Student Accounts. The only bill the student will have on their Student Account when participating in an exchange program will be full-time tuition & fees. Once financial aid is applied to the student's Student Account, any remaining financial aid, if applicable, will then be refunded to the student in the form of a refund check or direct deposit. Students can then utilize the remaining funds for any study abroad-related expenses, if applicable, or use it to reimburse themselves for costs already paid out of pocket. Learn more about how financial aid can be applied on our website here.

Learn More About Financial Aid Here


Students are encouraged to apply for as many scholarships as they and their program are eligible for. Students are able to put scholarship funds towards their study abroad expenses. Disbursal and method of receiving scholarship funds will vary per scholarship.

Explore Scholarships Here


Students are encouraged to review the Academic Credit policies for all Faculty-Led programs in the Getting Started section of this website before reviewing specific information for each faculty-led program type. 

How Will I Register in the Study Abroad Course(s)?

  • Participants are required to register for the corresponding on-campus course by the University add/drop deadline for the applicable term
  • Students will either do this via their MyUNCCor Faculty Directors will work with their departments to enroll all participants on their behalf
  • The study abroad course will appear on student's course schedules for the term of travel

When Will I Be Able to Register in the Study Abroad Courses?

  • Students will not be able to register in the study abroad courses until well after registration for the applicable semester has already opened
  • The course section tied to the study abroad program should be closed or restricted so that only students participating in the study abroad program may register for it
  • The OEA will notify students by email when they are able to register; this typically occurs within a few weeks after the program's final confirmation deadline (not right after students are approved)
  • The Faculty Director will then provide participants with the section number for the course tied to the study abroad program OR will enroll all participants in the applicable course
  • Students concerned about potential schedule conflicts should consult with the program's Faculty Director and/or their academic advisor

Just like any other course, students will be unable to register in the study abroad course if they have a hold on their UNC Charlotte Student Account.

Grade Processing

  • The program's Faculty Director will grade students per the regular University processes and timelines 
  • All grades from study abroad courses are calculated into students' cumulative GPA

Students interested in applying for a faculty-led program will apply to the Office of Education Abroad in order to receive approval to participate in the program. The Faculty Director will then review the students' applications and will issue the acceptances. Once students are accepted, they will then need to confirm their spot in the program. Please visit the Application Process page of this website, and refer to the How to Apply section of the Faculty-Led Program page for detailed instructions. 

Request Access to an OEA Application Here

To see a list of all embedded faculty-led programs, select the relevant term. From there, students can click the name of the program to be taken to the Program Brochure. The Program Brochure will have all the details regarding the program, including an overview of the program, location, itinerary, academics, costs and more.

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