International Travel Registration

International Travel Registration

All UNC Charlotte students who travel abroad under the auspices of UNC Charlotte and who are not receiving academic credit (some exceptions apply) are required to register their travel with the Office of Education Abroad (OEA). Registrations are independent from credited study abroad programming and are only available to students completing specific types of international travel, either as an individual or as part of a group (2 or more students). Please read through the following information carefully to determine if completing an international travel registration with the Office of Education Abroad is appropriate for your travel intentions. All other students should visit the Getting Started section of the OEA website for information on academic credit-bearing study abroad program opportunities.

Types of International Travel Registrations

Some examples of instances where students will be required to complete an International Travel Registration with the OEA include (but are not limited to):

  • International Conferences
  • Travel abroad as a component of a class (i.e. Model UN)
  • International internships (for students who opt out of receiving credit)
  • Volunteer placements abroad
  • Conducting research abroad
  • Athletic team travel abroad

Students may be traveling as an individual or as part of a group (2 or more students) sponsored by a UNC Charlotte department or organization. Both individuals and groups must register with the OEA prior to travel; however, the process for registration varies depending on whether you are traveling individually or with a group.

OEA Services

By registering your international travel with the OEA, you will have access to basic OEA services, to include the following:

  • Collection of program & travel information in the OEA Portal
  • Risk management (e.g., crisis support while abroad)
  • Enrollment in international health insurance
  • Online pre-departure orientation resources

Note to Fall, Spring, or Year Registration Applicants

If you are going abroad and are not receiving academic credit, you will not be enrolled at UNC Charlotte for the semester(s) you are abroad. We recommend that you discuss the possible implications of not being enrolled at UNC Charlotte with your Academic Advisor and Niner Central to discuss topics how this may affect your student record at UNC Charlotte (for example, how this could potentially affect your graduation date, enrollment in health insurance, access to UNC Charlotte services, etc).


Students who are participating in international travel abroad through one of the aforementioned International Travel Registration types listed in the previous section (or something similar) will be required to complete an Individual International Travel Registration. The student is not going abroad as part of a group sponsored by a UNC Charlotte department or organization.

Group Registration

Group registrations refer to students traveling as part of a group sponsored by a UNC Charlotte department or organization, and who may be led by a UNC Charlotte faculty or staff member. Examples of past group registrations include the Global Medical Brigades, Model UN, academic conferences, etc. These programs are typically experiential in nature, and do not carry academic credit. 

Students who complete an International Travel Registration can expect the following cost structure:

Paid to the Office of Education Abroad

  • Registration Fee: The registration fee is $50 per 30 days the student is abroad ($100 for 31-60 days, $150 for 61-90 days, and so on). This fee includes access to basic OEA services and the mandatory international health insurance required by the UNC Systems Office

Miscellaneous Costs

Additional costs associated with your travel may vary depending on your travel purpose and location. For group registrations or students working with third parties, please consult with your sponsoring department or organization for detailed information on estimated costs. Costs you should consider include, but are not limited to:

  • Other costs required of the host university or host country (orientation fees, insurance policies, etc.), if applicable
  • Program fees, if applicable
  • Housing and meals
  • International flight to and from host destination
  • Passport
  • Immigration document (such as a visa or residence permit, if applicable)
  • In-country transportation
  • Books and supplies, if applicable
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal travel expenses

You are encouraged to review our website for additional information on these expenses.

Students must meet the following:

  • OEA eligibility requirements and;
  • The requirements of any other applicable party (e.g. Faculty member, affiliate provider, host institution, etc.) 


The majority of students who complete this registration are not receiving academic credit. Students who are participating in an international program and are not eligible to receive academic credit (i.e. conferences, independent research, workshops, etc.) or who have opted out of receiving academic credit (i.e. internship or volunteer abroad opportunity) will complete this International Travel Registration. 

Exceptions: Enrolling in UNC Charlotte Course

Some academic departments may dictate that the only way a student can receive academic credit for an international experiential learning opportunity is to enroll in an online UNC Charlotte course while abroad. This means the student would pay tuition & fees to Student Accounts at UNC Charlotte for that course(s) in addition to the fees indicated in the cost structure above. In this circumstance, students will complete this International Travel Registration with the Office of Education Abroad in place of a Study Abroad Application. 

Disclaimer: STudy Abroad Programs

Students who are participating in an exchange program, affiliate provider study abroad program, or faculty-led program cannot "opt out" of receiving academic credit for their experience and cannot instead complete an International Travel Registration with the OEA. These programs (unless otherwise noted) are first and foremost academic experiences and automatically issue a transcript. This means students will be following the processes outlined on our Academic Credit tab here.


Registrations need to be submitted to the OEA as soon as possible and no later than 30 days prior to travel. The registration deadlines are generally as follows, but may be updated on an individual or group basis as necessary:

  • Fall: March 1
  • Spring: October 1
  • Summer: March 1

Please contact the OEA at if you're looking to complete an Individual Travel Registration after the deadlines listed above, as you will need to have the deadline extended manually by OEA staff in order to access the registration.

individual registration

Students who are not going abroad as a group of 2 or more students through an international opportunity sponsored by a UNC Charlotte department or organization will be required to complete an Individual International Travel Registration with the OEA.

Individual International Travel Registration Steps

  1. Click on the following link based on the exact amount of days in your program. It is extremely important you select the correct link as the number of days in your program directly corresponds with the Registration Fee structure. The OEA will confirm at a later date, once the student confirms their program details, that the student has access to the correct brochure based on the number of dates in their program, and if not, will update it accordingly:
    • 1 - 30 days
    • 31 - 60 days
    • 61-90 days
    • If you are looking to go abroad via an Individual International Travel Registration for longer than 90 days, please contact the OEA at
  2. Click the "Get Started" button on the brochure
  3. Create an account with your NinerNet credentials
  4. Complete all application requirements by deadline listed
  5. Click submit button
  6. The OEA will then review information. If travel is approved, the student will then be notified that they are eligible to complete the Pre-Departure Requirements, which include confirmation of program dates, passport copy upload, and more

Group Registration

Faculty or Staff Responsibility

If you are traveling as part of a group, the faculty or staff member leading the group will complete a program proposal with the OEA.

Once the faculty/staff's information about the program is received by the OEA, we will contact all of the students by email with the necessary steps and deadlines required for registration. 

Student Responsibility

Once the OEA contacts students to complete their registration, there will be two steps required:

  1. Verification of Eligibility: You will need to read and sign some documents in the OEA Portal so that the OEA can verify your disciplinary status and eligibility to travel abroad
  2. Completion of Registration Requirements: Once your disciplinary status is confirmed, you will be moved to the second phase of the registration process, where you will be asked to provide documentation for risk management purposes (e.g. passport information, emergency contacts, etc.).