Internships & Volunteering

Internships & Volunteer Abroad

Interning  before you graduate from UNC Charlotte looks great on a resume. But interning abroad looks even better! Students looking to participate in an internship abroad will be working with approved affiliate providers that act as liaisons between the student and the company or organization abroad. These third parties will work closely with the student to find a customized placement option that is a good fit for the student based on their academic, professional and personal goals.

Participating in an internship abroad has the same benefits as studying abroad; you'll be immersed in another culture and develop soft skills that employers seek in job candidates. Even though you're not in a classroom abroad, you are still participating in experiential learning. You'll be working with staff who may be locals of the host country and will learn the way business is conducted in that location. Having a world-view of best practices, workplace environment and your area of study are all tools to prepare you for life after UNC Charlotte!

Employers are looking for the following soft-skills, which are skills that you may acquire or develop while participating in an internship abroad, thus making you more marketable once you graduate from UNC Charlotte and begin the job search:

  • Complex problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • People management
  • Coordinating with others
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Judgment and decision making
  • Service orientation
  • Negotiation
  • Cognitive flexibility
Students will work with approved third parties in order to set up their international internship. By working with an affiliate provider, students will receive services such as airport pick-up, orientations, accommodations and more (services offered will vary per provider). The affiliate provider will also evaluate the students interests, to include their area of study, potential future career field, and host countries in order to put them in touch with several companies on-site for the interview process. All providers listed below are approved and offer similar services to students. To find out more about example placements, career fields and locations, search through the following affiliate providers' websites below. Internships abroad will almost always be unpaid opportunities. Keep in mind that this is largely because of immigration; if you're interning abroad, and if you have to apply for a visa or other immigration document in order to live or work there, typically this document restricts you from allowing to be paid.

Students who participate in an Internship or Volunteering Abroad for Academic Credit* can expect the following cost structure:

Paid to the Office of Education Abroad

Paid to the affiliate provider

  • Application fee
  • Program fee (which often includes housing, excursions, advising, emergency assistance, etc. Please visit the affiliate provider's website to confirm what is and what is not included in the program fee)

Miscellaneous Costs

  • International flight to and from host destination
  • Meals
  • Passport
  • Immigration document (such as a visa or residence permit, if applicable)
  • In-country transportation
  • Books and supplies
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal travel expenses

Students should explore the affiliate provider's website to determine the program fee (what is included) as well as the provider's refund policies.

*Students who are not receiving academic credit will be required to complete a Registration with OEA and will be required to submit the following fees to OEA: $50 per 30 days abroad, which includes the study abroad administrative fee & international health insurance.

Students must meet the following:

  • OEA eligibility requirements and;
  • Affiliate provider program requirements: Please refer to the specific program brochure on the affiliate provider's website for more information
Note that in some cases, the affiliate provider's GPA requirement could be higher than OEA's requirement, in which case the student would ultimately need to meet the highest requirement.
Students may or may not be able to receive academic credit for their internship or volunteer position abroad depending on their academic department and the program. Please visit our Academic Credit tab for more information about how students can work with their academic departments at UNC Charlotte to determine whether or not receiving academic credit is possible.

Refer to the How to Apply tab for more information. Students will be required to apply to both OEA and the affiliate provider. OEA application deadlines are as follows for this program type:

  • Fall or Academic Year: March 1
  • Spring or Calendar Year: October 1
  • Summer: March 1

Note that affiliate provider application deadlines may vary from the OEA application deadlines listed above. Please refer to the program brochure on the affiliate provider's website to learn more about their application process & applicable deadlines.

Note that all placement in an internship or volunteer position abroad will be custom. Students will work closely with the affiliate provider to identify an opportunity that's a good fit for them. Students can explore the affiliate provider sample placements & services offered on their websites below: