Academic Credit

UNC Charlotte students who participate in an approved program abroad that administers academic credit will receive UNC Charlotte equivalent credit (not transfer credit). This means that students can stay on track with their curriculum requirements & graduate on time, as long as they plan ahead of time and select a program that is a good academic fit for them! The way in which the academic credit process works will vary depending on the program type. See below for more information.

Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad programs refer to programs that involve students taking a course or courses as part of the program. Depending on the program type, the academic process will vary. Click the following button to learn more about the academic credit process for the corresponding program types:

Exchange, Affiliate Provider or Direct Enroll Programs   Embedded or Freestanding Faculty-Led Programs

Internships & experiential learning Programs

Experiential learning programs refer to programs that involve students participating in internships, volunteering placements or other opportunities abroad. Depending on the student and their program, it may be possible for students to obtain academic credit for these types of experiential learning programs. Click the following button below to learn more about the academic credit process for experiential learning programs.

Internships, Volunteering, etc.

Credit, Registration & Grade Processing

It's important that students understand how they will be registered at UNC Charlotte while abroad, academics abroad and how their study abroad grades will be processed upon return. Refer to the buttons below for more information:

Credit & Registration   Grade Processing

Photo by T Rapp in Hangzhou, China