Billing Information


Students will submit payment for study abroad expenses to different entities based on their program type and specific program. It is essential that students understand the cost structure (what needs to be paid, to whom, and when) of the program they are interested in as well as all estimated expenses associated with that program before making the decision to move forward with that program. What follows is a general overview of potential expenses and instructions on how to submit payment, if applicable. Answers to common billing questions can also be found on our FAQs page.

Costs Paid to The OEA

OEA Application Fee, Study Abroad Administrative Fee, Deposits, & Faculty Led Program Payments

Students should submit payment for these fees in their online OEA application portal directly. The amount owed, due date, instructions on how to pay it, and payment troubleshooting will be provided in their online OEA application payment materials as well as in the brochure specific to the student's program available on the OEA website. 

International Health Insurance

For students participating in Faculty-Led or Registration programs, the cost of the mandatory international health insurance is built into the program fee and does not need to be paid separately.

For students participating in an Exchange, Affiliate provider, or Direct Enrollment program, students will need to submit payment for the amount owed via our direct payment website by manually entering in the amount they owe. The amount owed, due date, as well as instructions on how and where to make this payment is detailed in an invoice that is uploaded to the student's online OEA application before departure, but students will not submit this payment via their OEA application directly. The OEA will notify students by email when the invoice for the international health insurance is ready.

Direct Payment Website

Students will almost always submit any payments owed to the Office of Education Abroad through their OEA application directly. However, in some cases, students may be directed to submit payment through our direct payment website, such as to submit payment for their international health insurance (participants in Exchange, Affiliate provider, or Direct Enrollment programs only). OEA staff may also direct students experiencing issues submitting payment through their OEA application to try submitting payment through our direct payment website. When in doubt, please always read the instructions in your OEA application first before using the following direct payment website.

Payments made through this link take at least 1-3 business days to process.

Using the Direct Payment Website

When paying via the direct payment website, it is very important to indicate the name of the student, indicate the name and term of the program or the item being paid (e.g. ISIC), and that the billing address provided matches the address associated with the card being used. Otherwise, you may experience delays in the processing of your payment. The "invoice" amount is the amount due as found in your OEA application or on the program's brochure.

Direct Payment Website

Can I Defer Payments due to the OEA?

If you are a financial aid and/or scholarship recipient, you may request to defer payments due to the OEA until you receive your funds for the term you will go abroad. However, it is NOT possible to defer OEA non-refundable program application fees or deposits - these must be submitted in full by the applicable deadline. Students who have been approved to study abroad will be given the opportunity to complete a deferment request directly via their online OEA application. This only refers to costs paid to the OEA - students are individually responsible for confirming payment policies and procedures with any other relevant entities (i.e. affiliate providers, airlines, etc.).

Once disbursed, financial aid/scholarship funds do NOT come to the OEA to cover balances due - it will be the student's responsibility to monitor their Student Account activity to confirm when their funds are disbursed and to then login to their OEA application to pay their balance as soon as possible. Students should note that because they will be disbursed to their Student Account, funds could first be diverted to cover other University balances and the remainder, if any, then disbursed to the student as a refund. This means that, even if you defer your OEA balance, the funds you actually receive may not be sufficient to cover your full balance due.

Late Payments

Payments that are not paid to the OEA by the applicable deadline or after financial aid/scholarships are released to the student for the term of travel (if applicable) will result in a hold placed on the student's UNC Charlotte Student Account. This hold will prevent the student from:

  • Registering for classes at UNC Charlotte for future terms
  • Making changes to their existing course registration
  • Ordering an official UNC Charlotte transcript
  • Applying to graduate

This hold will stay on the student's account until they pay their balance due to the OEA in full (per the payment instructions provided in their OEA application). The hold will not lift immediately after the student pays his or her balance - it will take up to three business days once the student pays their balance in full for the payment to process and the hold to lift. If after the OEA balance is paid the student still has a hold on their account, they should check their Student Account to verify if they also have a hold from another University department. The OEA also will not process study abroad grades (as applicable) for students who owe a balance to the OEA. Exceptions will not be made.

Costs Paid to Student Accounts

Students participating in an Exchange or Embedded Faculty Led program will be responsible for submitting payment for full-time tuition & fees for the semester of travel according to their student level (Undergraduate or Graduate), residency, and credit hour load (faculty-led participants) to Student Accounts at UNC Charlotte in addition to fees paid to the Office of Education Abroad. Students can access their Student Account by logging into and clicking the "View Account & Statements" button in the My Student Account block. Students will need to determine when this payment is due.

No other study abroad-related fees (i.e. application fee, study abroad administrative fee, program fee, international health insurance, etc.) should appear on any student's UNC Charlotte Student Account, regardless of the type of program in which they participate). The amount owed to the Office of Education Abroad and payment instructions are found within the student's online OEA study abroad application. 

Costs Paid to the Host University

In some cases, depending on the program type, students may be responsible for submitting the cost of tuition & fees, housing, etc. to the host university directly in addition to fees paid to the Office of Education Abroad. If so, the host university will communicate instructions to the student directly on how to submit payment for any applicable expenses and when payment is due. Note that fees paid to the host university may require the student to wire transfer payment.

Costs Paid to the Affiliate Provider

Students participating in a 3rd party program through an Affiliate provider or other U.S.-based institution will be responsible for submitting fees to this third party as outlined on the program website in addition to fees paid to the Office of Education Abroad. The third party will communicate the payment amount, due date, and instructions to the student directly.

Costs Paid to Other Entities (As Applicable)

Students should also note when and how they will need to be prepared to pay for passports, airfare, and other miscellaneous expenses to the appropriate entity, as applicable.