OEA Scholarship Recipients

OEA Scholarship Recipients

UNC Charlotte students who were awarded an OEA scholarship (Martz, Brown, Figge, Halton, Josephson, Mundt, Ziegler, and Odyssean only) for the semester they went abroad are required to complete several requirements upon their return, including volunteer hours, before their study abroad grades will be processed.

OEA Scholarship Recipient Requirements

Each OEA Scholarship Recipient will be required to complete some tasks upon their return:

  • Reflection essay on their time abroad
  • Photo submissions from their time abroad
  • Volunteer hours

All instructions regarding these requirements will be communicated to students upon their return from studying abroad.

Study Abroad Grade Processing

Study abroad grades will not be processed until all of the following conditions have been met (no exceptions will be made):

  1. Our office has received the official transcript from your host university/affiliate provider or grades from your Faculty Director
  2. You have submitted a correct Advising Agreement (only applicable to students who participated in an exchange, affiliate provider or direct enrollment program)
  3. You do not owe a balance to the Office of Education Abroad
  4. You have completed all OEA Scholarship Recipient requirements, including completion of all volunteer hours owed

Once all aforementioned conditions have been met, OEA will put you in the queue for grade processing, which will then take 4 - 5 weeks before they are posted to your UNC Charlotte transcript (graduating students will receive priority processing). If you are graduating at the end of this semester, it is your responsibility to ensure you complete all of these requirements well before the end of the semester to allow OEA enough time to process your grades for commencement.