Return From Abroad

Once students return from abroad, they have a lot to think about. How do they process what they just went through? How do they prepare for graduation? What will they do once they leave UNC Charlotte? The Office of Education Abroad (OEA) has compiled resources to help Study Abroad Alumni navigate their way through the reentry process.

Grade Processing

Once students return from studying abroad, it will take time for their study abroad grades to be processed by the OEA (converting the grades from the host institution into A-F letter grades). Grades are then posted onto students' UNC Charlotte transcripts by the Office of the Registrar.

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Graduation Sash

UNC Charlotte's commencement is a huge celebration of our 49ers' achievements. What better way for students to showcase their international experience than by wearing a Study Abroad Graduation Sash at their commencement ceremony? Stand out in the crowd, make graduation photos pop, and have a keepsake to cherish forever.

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Get Involved

Become a Study Abroad Peer Advisor, apply for an internship with the Office of Education Abroad, volunteer at internationally-focused events, and more! Getting involved is a great way for Study Abroad Alumni to combat reverse culture shock and to share their international experience with others, not to mention a great resume booster!

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Maximize your experience

UNC Charlotte students who study abroad are part of a unique population across the country. By leveraging their international experience, Study Abroad Alumni can stand out to employers and improve their marketability.

Maximize Your Experience Abroad 


Go abroad after graduation

Our Study Abroad Alumni return to the U.S. with a deep passion for language, culture, and exploration. The OEA highly encourages students to explore ways they can go abroad again after graduation.

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