The Field of International Education

It's no surprise that when students return from studying abroad, they are passionate about the experience they had overseas and want to get involved in the field of International Education to share that experience with others. We have provided some resources here that may assist you as you consider a career in International Education.

The Office of Education Abroad is just one unit within The Office of International Programs (OIP) at UNC Charlotte. OIP consists of several other departments made up of a team of highly motivated and passionate individuals whose common goal is to provide programming and opportunities to bring together people of all different cultures with the hope of producing global citizens. You're encouraged to refer to UNC Charlotte's employment opportunities page to see if OIP is hiring.

Note: We kindly ask that you do not contact our department or any department within OIP with job inquiries as all hiring processes are managed by University Human Resources. We also encourage you to consider getting involved with OIP's other initiatives, such as the annual International Festival, English conversation partners for students in the English Language Training institute, the international coffee hour, and more.

NAFSA is the largest organization in International Education and a great starting point for any job search within the field. NAFSA has a national conference each year as well as regional and state conferences. There are 12 NAFSA regions across the U.S. If you know you want to stay within a particular state or region, you can attend a regional conference, or even a state meeting, which tends to be less expensive than the national conference. Regional conferences are held annually in October and November while state meetings tend to be offered at various times throughout the year (depending on the state). They are a great networking opportunity, and both the regional and national conferences offer volunteer and mentoring opportunities. NAFSA also has a career page where you can search by area of interest, location, etc. 
If you know you want to work specifically with Study Abroad, check out the Forum on Education Abroad. It is similar to NAFSA, but focuses exclusively on the work of sending U.S. students overseas. They have an annual conference in March or April as well as a job directory.
The IIE is among the world's largest and most experienced international education and training organizations. They administer the Fulbright program, as well as the Boren, and Gilman scholarship programs. They also conduct extensive research. For more information on their available positions, visit their careers page.

If you are interested in exploring the field of International Education locally, the North Carolina Association of International Educators (NCAIE), is a professional organization of over 600 administrators, educators, and community volunteers, committed to promoting the cause of international education in the state. NCAIE runs the North Carolina Study Abroad Re-Entry Conference, the Student Global Leadership Conference, Workshops, and the Annual State Conference. If you are re-locating, many states have a similar orgainzation (for example, SCAIE - the South Carolina Association of International Educators). Local organizations and the conferences/meetings offered are a good way to learn more about the field and to network at a local level and for students/alumni on a budget. 

This listserv is a good way to familiarize yourself with the hot topics in International Education and learn about available positions all across the countries. Many universities will post a job here and on the NAFSA Career Page either before they post on other sites, or will not post anywhere else at all. You can receive a daily digest or get individual emails sent. Sign up for the listserv here. Please note that this listserv is not managed by UNC Charlotte in any way.

As you explore opportunities, keep in mind that there is more to the field of International Education than just study abroad! There are many areas to consider including working with International Students & Scholars, Teaching English as a Second Language, International Recruitment, On-Campus Internationalization and more! If you are interested in the field, we encourage to explore all venues to see where your best fit may be or where strengths you have may be best suited.