Grades and Transcripts

For a general overview of how study abroad grades are processed, please visit the Grade Processing tab.

Grade Processing

Please click the heading below that corresponds with the type of program you participated in for additional reminders.

  1. It will take anywhere from 1- 6 months after your program's official end date for the OEA to receive your official transcript in the mail (we cannot control when we will receive your transcript).
  2. You can monitor your OEA application as we will mark off the "Host Transcript Received" material as soon as it is received, you will not be notified by the OEA.
  3. Once the transcript is received, the OEA will evaluate it to ensure the courses you actually took abroad match the courses you had listed and approved on your Advising Agreement form (AA) before departure. (If not, you will be contacted with instructions on how to complete a new AA to account for the missing approvals). 
  4. If no updates to your AA are necessary, you will be put in the queue to have your grades processed; we will process your grades and send them to the Registrar within 4-5 weeks of receipt of your official transcript.
  5. The grades will then post to your transcript per the Registrar's volume and processing times.
  6. After we send the grades to the Registrar:
  • UNC Charlotte equivalent courses will appear on your transcript
  • The 'FRST' placeholder course and 'Incomplete' grade will be removed

We will email you when we have sent your grades to the Registrar, but that email does not necessarily signify that your grades have been posted. 

Participants in Embedded Programs

The OEA is not involved in grade processing for embedded faculty-led programs. If you participated in an embedded faculty-led program, your grades should be processed per the normal processes and grading deadline for the semester that your program went abroad (i.e., spring for spring break). Please contact your Faculty Director with any questions or concerns about your grade(s).

Participants in Freestanding Programs

Remember that once we have received ALL grades from ALL host institution and/or Faculty Director(s) associated with your program, we will process them and send them to the Registrar as soon as possible and within 4-5 weeks of receipt of ALL grades (not necessarily within 4 weeks of your return from abroad!). The OEA cannot control when we receive your grades. If you have concerns about when your grades will post, please first contact your Faculty Director to check if they have sent us the grades. After we send your grades to the Registrar, the grades will post to your transcript per the Registrar's volume and processing times. After we have sent the grades to the Registrar:

  • The courses and grades for which you will actually receive credit will appear on your transcript
  • The 'FRST' placeholder course and 'Incomplete' grade (if applicable) will be removed

Note: If you are graduating immediately following your program, you need to notify your Faculty Director and the OEA immediately. If we do not receive ALL your grades from all host institutions and/or Faculty Directors at least 3 business days before they need to be posted in order for you to graduate, we cannot guarantee that we can process your grades in time for you to graduate. 

  • Per University processes, if your grades are not posted by the grading deadline for the applicable term, the course grade will automatically turn to an Incomplete, or  ā€œIā€ grade, in your Banner account (should not be an F)
  • Once the OEA has sent your grades to the Office of the Registrar, processing times vary depending on Registrar's timeframes. We cannot determine when grades will post to your transcript.  However, typically during the semester, grades can post within a week of being sent to the Registrar. However, grades sent at the end or beginning of a semester will be delayed due to the Registrar's high volume during those times
  • You cannot graduate with the Study Abroad FRST placeholder course on your transcript. This placeholder course will remain as an "Incomplete" until your study abroad courses and grades have been processed. This placeholder course will be removed once your grades and courses are processed and will be replaced with the UNC Charlotte equivalent credit that you earned from abroad (if applicable - faculty-led embedded program participants are not registered in the FRST)
  • You will receive an A-F letter grade for all courses taken abroad, even if you decided that you did not want the grade or credit
  • All grades from abroad will be calculated into your cumulative UNC Charlotte GPA
  • The OEA only converts and processes grades. We do not evaluate coursework nor award grades or course credits:
    • Please contact your host institution, provider, and/or Faculty Director if you have questions or concerns regarding the grades that you received for coursework taken abroad 
    • Please contact your Academic Advisor if you have questions or concerns regarding which degree requirements these courses fulfill
  • If you owe any balance to the Office of Education Abroad, regardless of the type of program in which you participated, we will not process your grades until the full amount due is paid
  • If you were awarded an OEA Scholarship, regardless of the type of program in which you participated, we will not process your grades until you have completed all of your scholarship requirement