Study Abroad Week


Watch 1 live online webinar and attend 1 in-person event and be entered to win! See below for details.
Study Abroad Week is a week-long event comprised of webinars and in-person opportunities to learn more about studying and interning abroad. These events are aimed to fit into your schedule and to fit your interests; you get to sign up for or attend what is interesting to you! This is also an opportunity for you to put common Study Abroad Myths to rest. Many students tend to have pre-conceived notions about affordability, academic credit, and the benefits of going abroad. By attending the live webinars or in-person events, you'll learn firsthand from OEA staff and UNC Charlotte students who have studied abroad what it really means to have an international experience! Better yet, by attending the Study Abroad Week events you can even be entered to win! All Study Abroad Week events facilitated by the OEA are free to attend and are open to UNC Charlotte students, parents, faculty & staff.

Study Abroad Week will take place Monday, March 18th 2019 through Friday, March 22nd 2019. Live webinars and in-person events will be offered each day throughout the day.

Click Here to View the Study Abroad Week Schedule

The registration or RSVP links are available on the schedule above or on our calendar here.


Watching the live online webinars and attending the in-person events during Study Abroad week is a great way to learn about your international opportunities and you can be entered to win a study abroad administrative fee discount (a value of up to $600) or other prizes! Please review the following for instructions on how to be eligible to be entered to win:


  • 1st Place Drawing Winner: Study abroad administrative fee discount (a value of up to $600)
  • 2nd Place Drawing Winner: Swag bag (containing phone pop-socket, t-shirt & other items!)
  • 3rd Place Drawing Winner: Niner InterNATIONal T-shirt


  • Currently enrolled UNC Charlotte student
  • Must watch at least 1 live online webinar listed on the Study Abroad Week schedule and;
  • Must attend at least 1 of the in-person events listed on the Study Abroad Week schedule


  • Only 1 winner will be chosen for each prize: Being entered to win does not guarantee selection as a winner
  • Watching the Live Webcast event will not count as a webinar since attendance cannot be verified
  • A report of all live webinar attendees will be evaluated. Students who do not attend the webinar live as it is scheduled from start to finish will not be entered to win
  • Students who attend an in-person Study Abroad Week event will need to sign in on the designated Study Abroad Week sign-in sheet upon arrival at the event(s)
Study Abroad Administrative Fee Discount Prize

The student who is selected as the winner will have their study abroad administrative fee waived by the Office of Education Abroad (up to a $600 value)! Please note the following regarding the discount:

  • Students who have already studied abroad (at UNC Charlotte or a previous college or university) or who will be studying abroad as a UNC Charlotte student Spring Break 2019, Summer 2019, Fall 2019, or Academic Year 2019-20 are not eligible to receive the study abroad administrative fee discount
  • The winner will not receive cash value. The study abroad administrative fee will be automatically waived the semester they go abroad. The discount amount received depends on the study abroad program type in which the student participates 
  • Students must study abroad as an active UNC Charlotte student within 3 academic years of being notified that they are a recipient in order to have the discount applied
  • What if there's an event I want to go to but I can't make it? We know that students have busy schedules. If there's a webinar or in-person event you can't make, a lot of this information is covered in Study Abroad 101, can be found on our website or the affiliate provider's website, or will be offered again (in-person events) in future semesters!
  • Can I get the .ppt slides used during the webinars? Yes! The OEA will send out the slides used during the webinars to anyone who registered for that particular webinar the week following Study Abroad Week (even if you can't attend)
  • What is a webinar? A webinar is essentially a live presentation that you can watch on the date & time indicated. OEA staff members will be presenting on a topic and you can watch from wherever you have access to a computer & internet! Please review our Live Webinar Guide before attending webinars hosted by the OEA. This guide addresses some troubleshooting related to logging on and attending live webinars through the WebEx platform.